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Best exercises that will 100% keep fit!

In training football, you may use many methods to improve essential physical qualities, technical and tactical skills of athletes, etc.

  1. Static drills. Thanks to these routines, a maximum number of muscles is activated simultaneously. Endurance drill. We stand in the bar on straight arms or elbows and note time from 30 seconds to a minute.
  2. Running. At home, run in place, raising your knees high. Or take dumbbells in your hands and walk on a stepper. Jumping rope is excellent cardio.
  3. Drills with fitness bands. This is an alternative to strength equipment for training at home. We attach an elastic band to the leg of the sofa, swing our legs and arms without sudden movements, and carefully listen to our muscles. You can put on an elastic band at the ankles and make lunges back and forth.

The main rule of a football player: legs are the main engine. Thus, for this engine to work successfully, adequate training is necessary.