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Top ball exercises

Athletes have to devote much time on training power and endurance. This requires much effort. Some players prefer to train in soccer camps, while others do it independently.

Soccer implies teamwork, so its practitioners must pay great attention to team interactions. Several athletes stand around the restricted area for playing pass.

First, start controlling the ball while standing still or while walking. After the warm-up drills, increase easy-run speed to train endurance and gain more energy reserve.

Football games with various tasks

The exercises usually are carried out in truncated compositions (6, 7 by 7, etc.) Several small gates can be installed. The main task lies in scoring goals at one of the opponent’s gates. Athletes must turn the game around when many players gather near one entrance to attack the other gate.

Football in pairs

Soccer players compose two teams, find a couple and join hands. Then, they perform all movements together. This fun exercise will bring fruitful results. You can learn basics of interaction with other athletes and understanding behavior of others.