How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power While Maintaining Accuracy

How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power While Maintaining Accuracy

Do you want to know how to shoot a soccer ball with power and accuracy? One major factor to keep in mind is that if you want to improve your soccer skills, you need to carry out individual practices that are outside of your official team practices.

For instance, you need to practice how to shoot a soccer ball with accuracy and power. This post looks at three steps that you should practice on a regular basis, warnings, and tips to ensure you achieve the best results.


Step 1: Before You Strike the Ball


When preparing for your soccer practices, ensure that you wear the right shoes, for example, soccer cleats. You should also ensure you kick the ball into a goal or a wall to prevent instances of running around to get it back.

Place the ball at the point where you intend to strike it from, and then stand behind it so that you face the target you’re aiming. Proceed to take at least three steps backward straight. If you are right footed, take one step to your left. If you’re left footed, take one step to your right.


Step 2: Before Striking the Soccer Ball


Once you’ve lined up before your soccer ball, take quick strides that should be of similar size to the ones you made while walking backward.

Once you’re on your last stride, you want your other foot which is not kicking the ball to be right next to the ball. When your other foot hits the playing ground, the kicking one should then bend at its knee, to the point that your heel is almost touching your behind.

Proceed to lock the ankle, which will make your foot flat. It will form a straight line on the shin.


Step 3: Striking the Soccer Ball

How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power

Before proceeding to carry out this third phase, consider practicing the second measures above 5-6 times, which will ensure that you perfect them. The result is that you’ll minimize chances of hurting yourself.

Once you’ve perfected the second step and you have your leg back, you’ll in most cases want to swing it forward before you kick the ball. Before you kick it, don’t lean your body backward, this causes the ball to go high in the air, and over the target.

The best way is to swing the kicking leg through the ball, which means that you will let your leg to keep moving forward even after you kick the soccer ball. Ensure that your ankle is locked and try to kick the center of the ball.

After the kicking foot makes contact with the soccer ball, your body’s momentum should bring the foot through the ball, which ensures that you land on the kicking foot.

The above three steps take lots of practice, which means that you shouldn’t expect to get it right in the initial 20 tries.


How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power and Accuracy: 5 Warnings to Remember


On Field Safety


When practicing how to shoot a soccer ball with accuracy and power, make sure you’re careful on matters concerning on field safety. The reason is that it’s where most players, for example, children and adults get injured. Injuries can arise out of collisions, tripping over the soccer ball, which causes sprained ankle and other injuries.

Prevent these injuries is by applying caution when receiving or passing the ball and when running on the field. You should also ensure you place your foot in the proper position when handling the ball as an effective way of preventing injuries.


Goal Safety


Whether you’re a defensive or attacking player or the goalkeeper, ensure that you are careful around the goal. The reason is that most collisions with the goalie or the goal are caused by not being observant, you need to ensure that you know where you are going to score.

When shopping for 8*24 soccer goals, consider the ones that are rounded posts as compared to square posts. The reason is that when colliding with the rounded post, you’ll most likely skip off, which avoids serious injuries.


Stadium Safety


Ensure that you observe safety rules while in the stadium. For instance, friends, guardians, and parents should be careful when in the stadium. The reason is that a player may lose control of the ball, which will make it end up in the stands where you’re observing the game. It means that you need to pay attention to prevent getting hit by a stray ball or other stadium equipment.

Avoid running through the stands or player’s area since it’s the most common sense rule. You should also avoid climbing over high benches and climbing over people.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Before you start your practices, ensure that you remove items such as anklets, earrings and other jewelry pieces which may cause harm or get broken. It enables you to prevent injuries to yourself and other players.



Remember that the weather is one important matter to consider. That’s because extreme weather such as storms should be one reason to end the play immediately. Bear in mind that a soccer field is one of the worst places to be during lightning storms.

Tips To Keep In Mind

Make sure that you stay hydrated while carrying out soccer practices. It will ensure that you enjoy the playing steps above for long periods.

Make sure that you use the right equipment, for example, footwear. That helps to prevent instances of unfortunate injuries.

Have a well laid out plan for further medical care in the case of injuries. It will make sure that injuries are responded to fast.


Things You’ll Need


  • Soccer balls for kicking around the playing field while practicing

  • Soccer cones, smaller and larger for various drills and agility workouts

  • Running shoes for jogging g activities and running itself

  • Watches (with a timer) which will ensure you get accurate times as you work out alone

  • The best soccer cleats, for example, leather baby


  • A medicine ball, 5-10lb for conditioning and strength sessions




The above informative post on how to shoot a soccer ball with power and accuracy should make your training sessions an exciting experience. Make sure that you follow the safety warnings above and use the right equipment for the best results.

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