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Benefits of private football lessons

Coaches don’t have enough time in group training to devote the necessary attention to perfecting players’ techniques and exercises for coordination, endurance, and speed development. This team strategy doesn’t always give good results in the long run.

How can private workouts contribute to your sports results?

  • identifying athlete’s strengths & weaknesses;
  • developing individual technical skills of ball work (ball reception, dribbling, high-quality passing, feints), player’s ability to feel all ball movements and control them. This feeling results in ball control without even looking at it;
  • increased leg speed, motor skills, coordination, etc.;
  • running and strength exercises.

Technique is first!

Physical training of football athletes is interconnected by unity and development direction, but technical workout has the leading role. This can explain the initial characteristic complexity of the athletes’ preparation. Individual training is perfect for achieving this long learning process with complicated techniques and maximum results in a short time.

These workouts are held understandably so you can benefit. Always take a proactive position and try learning something new.