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Best football exercises

TOP-1. Back Squats

It’s the most popular, difficult, and effective drill. Its advantages include:

  • whole body strength development;
  • increase in lung capacity;
  • development of flexibility of hip joints;
  • lower body weight gain!

Don’t bring knees inward and don’t spread them outward. And the knee joint itself does not go beyond the toes line.

TOP-2. Front squat with barbell

This is a less popular type, but with some significant benefits. In plus to improving power and leg volume, this drill develops balance and deep core stabilization.

This drill variation is more complex than the previous one and requires more advanced technique than classic workout. Rod weight should be 30-40% lower compared to the classic version.

TOP 3. Bulgarian squats

This exercise was invented to boost athletic efficiency of Bulgarian weightlifters. Its essence is simple – squats, lying behind the body on support.

By doing Bulgarian drill, football player increases muscle mass and strength of lower limbs, works on balance, and reduces developmental imbalance between legs.