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How to enhance soccer skills?

Speed ​​endurance is maintaining maximum movement speed for as long as possible.

For developing speed endurance, exercises’re performed with small intervals between sets, so body receives load against fatigue. Foundation of endurance is laid from 14-16 years. Professional football players go through training camps to tone themselves up. Exercises below suit for advanced players.

What exercises are appropriate?

Interval running. It’s a cross with change of rhythm. Run, say, 20 minutes, changing speed by principle of 2 minutes medium pace, 1-minute high pace. Or variations: 30 seconds jog, 30 seconds snatch.

Note that the second variant, it’s not about a high pace but about breakthrough. Special weighting agents are used, or rough terrain is selected to complicate.

Jerks across the field. This exercise contains rhythm change. Start is at the corner of penalty area (or corner flag). Next, player dashes to the corner of the opposite penalty area then jog to the adjacent corner, and dashes diagonally again, forming two triangles.