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Find out some secrets of individual football training programs!

How to prepare for workout?

To start the game, you need to prepare your body. It begins with a warm-up, during which you need to warm up all muscle groups and organize cardiovascular system for stress.

Perform the following exercises:

  • Running with ball along the “square” or from wall to wall;
  • Dribbling with one foot;
  • Running drills: lapping of the lower leg, running with high hips, and side steps.

Cognitive training in football

Cognitive is the training that activates the athlete’s intelligence. Memory, logic, analysis, creativity, and speed of making decisions are the main points needed to win in the new intellectual football.

To develop these skills, you need to perform exercises to stimulate the functions of the brain and frontal hemispheres. Positive results will not be long, subject to the regularity of training. After 2-3 weeks, you can expect an improvement in concentration and attention.

Performing cognitive exercises increases the number of neural connections. This accelerates the exchange of information between different parts of the brain, improves the ability to memorize new information, and develops logical thinking.