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Spanish football training system

Workout duration should not exceed 90 minutes, and there should be only one workout per day. All exercises, including warm-ups, are done with the ball. Athletes should develop ball habits from childhood, and task of a football coach is to educate a football player, not an athlete.

1 Exercise – Square

Several players control ball in a limited space, and one or two take it away. Standard options: four against one or two, five against two. This is an essential exercise for ball “owners”. Playing the square improves several skills at once.

This isn’t a reality simulation. Drill serves to enhance a set of skills. You can start exercising square from the age of six.

2 Exercise – Positional play

In Spanish, it’s a possession game. Central defenders, laterals, sixth and eighth numbers, and ten. Five players take the ball away. After selection, teams do not change players because this drill aims to develop connections between athletes.

An important skill that develops in positional play is using free space to open up and get a pass.