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Best rules on mastering football

Drink water and stay hydrated

This is essential: staying well hydrated in training and outside of it. Download tracking app to monitor your glasses of water.

If you’re well-hydrated during soccer practice, you’ll train greater, which means performing greater.

Train the body

If you’re playing on weekends, conduct strength workouts on Monday and Wednesday. This will give muscles enough time to recover from these heavy exercises. It’s not about running for two hours in a straight line when you can do an intense ten-minute sprint exercise that might bring top results.

Try training at home with weight equipment suitable for football workout.

Increase your stamina

Training is not all about having a good time kicking the ball and playing with it. You have to train endurance and feel tired. Without such workouts, don’t worry when feeling tired.

What makes a football player a good player is not that he can play a single good match. It is that he can maintain consistent performance for 90 minutes. Stamina is one of the most important aspects of the game.