Why Zlatan Ibrahimivic is Manchester United’s best signing since year 2002

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a well known Swedish professional foot ball player whose position in the field is always forward. He blows off his candles on 3rd of October and will be celebrating his 36th birth day this year. Being a footballer, Zlatan could not have become an international figure without joining the Swedish national team which natured his talent and made him a better footballer. He also played soccer in Italy, Netherlands, and Spain thus clinching a number of scoring titles while making his teams to 8 consecutive league championships.

However, Ibrahimovic joined the international soccer arena in 2001 and appeared in the list of Europe’s top strikers. The soccer star was AFC Ajax’s player for 6 years and made the team win two titles though he was temperamental before joining Juventus and Inter Milan consecutively. While at Inter, Zlatan became a towering striker and led the team win three consecutive Serie A titles where he claimed the first league scoring crown in the year 2009.

The big Transfer

The star was never contended and wanted to explore more teams, he transferred to the infamous F.C Barcelona helping it roll to Super Cup victories and league titles but brushed shoulders with the then team’s manager Pep Guardiola who made him give up to AC Milan. This is where Zlatan Ibrahimovic claimed his 2nd scoring crown in the 2011-2012 seasons. Paris Saint Germain is where he proved that his football talent was not yet over by leading the club to the first League 1 table and claiming the third the third scoring title. He managed to score 156 goals in 180 games which he played while in PSG. In total, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored 392 goals out of the 677 appearances in all the clubs he has played for.

As though that was not enough, the soccer star joined the England’s Manchester United- an international soccer team in 2016 where he was re-united with Inter-Milan’s former manager, Jose Mourinho. Having developed his career in soccer, there is nothing that will deter Ibrahimovic from scaling Manchester United high in the league table. To begin with, he helped the team clinch the first major trophy in the season’s EFL cup when they won against Southampton. He played an important role during the game when he scored both the opening and the winning goals.

Goal Machine

Another remarkable time that made him Man Utd’s best signing is when he scored all the three goals against Saint Etienne in the Europa League championship. While in the club, Ibrahimovic accumulated goals at an alarming rate. By the end of December last season, he had scored 23 goals surpassing the then team’s top scorer Antony Martial who had scored only 17 goals. In the year before that, the club’s top scorer was Wayne Rooney with only 14 goals.

Despite the fact that he got an injury, he ended the season at Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United with 26goals making him the club’s top scorer last season. According to sources, it is said that that star was the only second player in United to score in FA Cup, Premier League, Europe, League cup and Community shield after Javier Hernandez in 2010-11 season. Furthermore, he scored in League 1, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A and Premier League 1debut after scoring against AFC Bournemouth.

Moreover, Zlatan became the only Man United player in the recent seasons to score in the 1st three appearances in the Premier League. The last scorer in the club to be equated to Zlatan was Ian Storey-Moore during the 1971-72 season. Out of the big five players in the European League, it is only Leonel Messi who scored many goals (51) followed by Zlatan Ibrahimovic who scored 50 goals in all competitions in 2016. This has never happened in Manchester United even in Sir Alex Ferguson’s era.

Following his old age, Mourinho doubted him since he was unexperienced in the Premier League games but Ibra proved the manager wrong by rising to the club’s top scorer. Zlatan has been able to make it to the list of top scorers through his technique, strength, creativity, accurate striking ability and ability in the air. All these make him the best Red Devil’s signing that has ever been made as there has never been any one with his abilities.


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