World’s Overrated and Underrated Football Players

Football players have being studied exhaustively over the past few years. The legends and statuses of certain football players are mind blowing. Conversely, the question “who is the most overrated and underrated footballer of all time?” Players are evaluated using three characteristics, namely rating, award, and reputation. With this being said, here is a quick walk through the world’s most overrated and underrated footballers.

Overrated Players

#1 Stanley Matthews

Stanley Matthews has been identified as one of the best footballers more than twenty times. He acquired very good reputation in a short period of time. This can be attributed to his astounding football history. He is famous for his crosses and dribbles. Though he didn’t perform in many international tournaments, Stanley Matthews is a player of high potential. As a legendary player, Mathews changed the way football was perceived. For instance, at the age of 38 years, he won his 2nd FWA.

#2 Roger Milla

Another overrated football player would be Roger Milla. He was identified as one of the finest players from Africa. As a footballer, Milla was better than many generations that followed him. Milla performed well in the world cup. However, the opponents were of the same level as Milla.

Few other names in the list of overrated footballers would be Kevin Keegan, Carlos Valderrama and Arthur Friedenreich.

Underrated Players

#1 Gaetano Scirea

When it comes to underrated football players, the list begins with Gaetano Scirea. His role in football has been discussed for several years. To be more precise, critics wondered if Scirea was better than players like Baresi or not. Gaetano Scirea is known for his defensive abilities. However, the player didn’t find a place in the list of nominees for the Ballon d’Or award. Above all, Baresi ranked amongst the list of top 50 football players but Gaetano Scirea didn’t.

#2 Rivelino

Another underrated football player was Rivelino. He is renowned for his technical strategies and skills. When compared against many football players at that time, Rivelino was too good. However, Rivelino didn’t win many awards or become famous. That is because he didn’t win the best footballer award any day. Also, Rivelino was not chosen to be in the World Cup Team.

#3 Dragon Dzajic

May it be rating or reputation, Dragon Dzajic’s career was very weak. He is an all-rounder with stunning technique and is one of the best dribblers in the world. But, the name Dzajic is rarely heard!

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