Who Will Be the Next Ballon D’or Winner – Hazard or Neymar?

In another few years, 2018 will be round the corner. This is a much awaited year that brings hope and expectations into the hearts of young football fans. It is the time for another football world cup. According to critics, players who have marked their image in the Russian World Cup are likely to have a better chance of bagging the award. This is why British footballers like Wilshere, Bale and Ramsey are out of the list. Conversely, the question “who will be the best Ballon d’Hor winner – Hazard or Neymar” arises. Hazard and Neymar have great chances of bagging the award. But, what are their chances?

The Years Decide

Statistics claims that only four players have the likelihood to win Ballon D’Or in the coming years. This includes Paul Pogba, Eden Hazard, Mario Gotze and Neymar. These are four amazing players with plenty of expertise and skill in the game. They are considered as players in the A-league and have mastered the game amazing in recent years. However, Pogba and Gotze have fewer chances of receiving Ballon D’Or over the rest. Hazard is recognized as a player with many opportunities. He has the right players around him. Above all, he is filled with potential that can change games drastically. Being one of the mightiest competitors for the award, Hazard is too-good-to-be-true. He is barely beaten and this is not an exaggeration.  Many believe that Hazard is technically gifted and is a nightmare for other teams.

Next in line would be Neymar. He has to be the first choice for many football fans. This can be attributed to his great goal skills. He knows how to make killer goals. This is an asset Barcelona treasures and transfers between games. There are many reasons why Neymar should receive Ballon D’Or.

The Verdict

On the whole, Hazard and Neymar are great players with the ability to change matches. Their match winning performance can take you through cloud nine. If these players continue to be in the same form, they can improve their chances of winning Ballon D’Or. This award has an owner and the owner is not defined so far. The mystery man is yet to be announced and time is getting closer.

Some say that the real player has everything required for the award. The question if it is going to be Hazard or Neymar, is certainly a million dollar one.


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