Training lessons 9-12.

The specifics and objectives:training at the age of 9 – 12 years

It is the period where you have to focus on developing coordination and specific technical skills football game.

In the second part of this period must learn and tactical aspects of the individual.Training lessons 9-12.


Characteristics of children between 9-12 years.


 the best time to develop coordination skills;

 At this age they begin to understand the role and importance of team play without the ball;

 They are idols and try to resemble them;

 They enthusiastically;

 Have the ability to focus energy towards both individual action and group;

 They like to work in a team;

 Start to develop their ability in advance.

 Training lessons 9-12.


 Training technical skills useful in the game;

 exercises for the education coordination abilities are not allowed to miss the workout;

 Proceed to speed development, all forms of expression;

 Care should be taken without ball and the game in attack and defense;

 it does not have limited the number of touches of the ball by rules like “Maxim two touches”.

The objectives of the period of 9-12 years.  

  Training technical gestures with the ball;

  dueling 1 vs. 1, defensive and offensive

  Management of two against one situation;

  Formation of team spirit.

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