Betting , Favorites Strategy

Betting , Favorites Strategy

Favorites Strategy,This system was designed especially for punters … lazy, for those who have never chef to beat too much head instead have some funds to bet.

We mention that, for the exemplifying system shown in the following, I decided to choose football because the sport is “king” best bet in World. For starters, let’s take a look at the statistics of one of the last seasons.Favorites-300x300 Betting , Favorites Strategy

Studying Premier League and Primera Division notice some very interesting things. In each of the above championships, each team plays 38 games. Watching teams, we see that each has a number of victories, number of draws and a number of defeats. But if we leaned carefully over teams like City or Barcelona, we see that they have won and still win many series cite two (or more) consecutive matches. In Europe, there are other great teams that do the same thing in their championships. So this is the observation base from which we started reasoning in this system: Every time a top team win two consecutive games in a series, earn money!


In this system, entitled Strategy favorites technique is the discovery of strong favorite teams like City or Barcelona in football and use a simple formula for calculating the stakes for each of their match in hand. This given that as many teams have chosen series of at least two consecutive wins. You can choose how you want to win in sports betting depending on your budget, and you can play alongside many teams wish, depending, obviously, how will you pocket all …

The best way to find out how this system works is to follow the steps that we will complete them with some examples.


Step 1

The first step is selecting a strong favorite. When looking for a strong favorite, make sure that the average rates for that team is over a season around 1.50.

Step 2

The next step is to determine the amount that they want a win every time from that team. For example:  10,  20, 50,  100 euro etc. We call this amount PROFIT. This amount should not exceed 1% of the total budget bets.

Step 3

Now you need to calculate the stake should a place to earn the amount you want to win and PROFIT. For this you must use the following formula: Stake = Profit / (ods – 1)

Suppose the profit that you want to share is 10 euro and City is 1.50. The calculation looks like this: Stake = 10 / (1.50 – 1) = 20 euro

Step 4

Place your bet at the sportsbook that you desire and will accept a single match ticket.

Step 5

Step 5 is certainly the most important, because the entire system is key. But before going further, the best would be to note the following parameters:

C / P = gain or loss, profit, gain Stake C / P STAKE Profit Gain If you win your first bet table will look like this: C / P C Profit Gain STAKE 10:20 10 You won your first bet. Your profit is 10 euro.

Here, however, the table will look like if you lose your first bet: C / P P gain profit STAKE 10:20 -20

Suppose you lost the bet. The profit that you want to remove it is 10 euro. There is nothing, because the most important part of this system only now follows. The most important rules of strategy favorites are:

1. When your balance (GAIN) is positive, switch series and take it over again with a new series.
2. If you lose the bet, the next bet is always equal to the profit (or how did you plan to win) plus the amount lost by that time divided by two, dividing the resulting amount is at minus 1 ods.

3. But if you win the bet, the next bet is always equal to the profit (or how did you plan to win) plus the amount lost by that time divided by minus 1 ods.

4. If you have won two consecutive games in a series, you automatically have income that you have proposed. Stop the series and take it over again with a new series. What we do after a win and also what we do after a loss? I think the best would be to use all examples. C / P Earnings Profit STAKE P 10 20 -20 We turn therefore to the example above assume that you lost 20 euros on your first bet placed on City. I said the next stake is equal to income (10 euros), plus the amount lost until that time (20 euros) divided by two, dividing the resulting amount is to odds minus 1. So the next match City, whose suppose share for ease of calculation that is still 1.50, calculate a new stake which under the circumstances is 10 (profit) + 20 (the amount lost until this moment) divided by 2 = 15. the resulting amount (15) a share from 0.50 (share – 1) and gives us 30. it follows that the next bet that we put in this second match of City is 30 euro.

If this time wins this game, our table will look like this: C / P P gain profit STAKE 10:20 10:30 -5 -20 C Now that you have won the second bet, how much will be bet at third City’s match? Suppose this time remains all share 1.50. Next stake after I won a match I said that is equal to profit plus the amount lost by that time divided by the share minus 1. It follows that, in calculating the stake in the third match of Chelsea, the calculation is as follows: 10 (income) + 5 (the amount lost until this point) = 15 divided by minus 1 share, ie 30 = 0.50 euros. We count all 30 euros and assume that beat City. Our table will look like this: C / P P gain profit STAKE 10:20 10:30 -5 -20 C to +10 C 10:30 Automatic you the profit that you have set it at first, namely 10 euros. Stop the series and take it over again with a new one.

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Betting Sport Arbitrage Strategy

Betting  Arbitrage Strategy 

Arbitrage Strategy

It is one of the most known and used strategies that help us make money from sports betting, many gamblers choose to do Arbitrage over other betting strategies or methods.

What does it mean Arbitrage?

The best we illustrate this with an example. We take tennis match between Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych in which a bookmaker odds are 2.05 to 1.85, and the sports betting odds are 1.85 to 2.05. If we bet on the first bookmaker 1 and 2 in the second bookmaker, we get profit regardless of the outcome. Obviously, in this case, we put the same stake, but if the two odds would have been different, we would have had to adjust our stake so as to have the same profit whatever the outcome. And for this, it would have to use a calculator stakes that can be found through a simple Google search.

Obviously, Sports Arbitrage is valid for all sports and almost all types of bets, many such “sure-bets” as they call them can be found at parties ice hockey or football, where we have 3 results for example (1 , X, or 2). This method has advantages and disadvantages. Profit is guaranteed, we do not need any documentation to that sporting event and normally should not have problems in making profits with Arbitrage.Arbitrage-300x300 Betting Sport Arbitrage Strategy

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks. The strategy requires a bankroll seriously enough to feel that profit, you need an electronic wallet for money more easily able to walk between houses, in addition to this some punters betting limit or refuse bets and so problems can occur. For an overview of bookmakers and find such sure-bets you can visit the website listed odds portal where are many bookmakers worldwide.

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