Coaching and organizing football teams – Coaching and organizing football teams has never been that easy

A wide range of organizational tasks, bits of papers everywhere,

unstructured training data are all issues that make the lives of coaches difficult

and causes them to lose motivation and the fun in coaching.

Over 30.000 coaches prove daily that all this can be solved through an intuitive yet professional team portal under


Available from 2017 also as an iPhone and Android App.


There is nothing that can guarantee success in football, however effectively preparing the training, seasons and being able to communicate with all team members can be guaranteed with ease through the team-manager online.

e2c_1024x1024-300x300 Coaching and organizing football teams

easy2coach provides an ideal opportunity for all football teams. The software is not only the first choice for thousands of amateur clubs and their coaches but also, internationally recognized clubs and national associations use it as their exclusive solution. With over 100.000 registered users in over 10.000 clubs of all ages and performance categories, easy2coach is one of the leading providers of football software solutions in the world.


Retrieve information, present different types of training plans


With just a few clicks, it is possible to retrieve performance curves and indicators of success, which can be visualized clearly as statistics.  These functions of easy2coach can be adapted to suit the individual needs of the club or association; this ensures that it’s the optimal solution both for ambitious amateur and professional clubs as well as, suitable for seniors and juniors.


Better coaching and quicker planning


All coaches, assistant coaches, players and parents are given access, so that all communication and planning of training units and games can be done through easy2coach.  The planning over the integrated training database includes over 3000 individual drills and the creation of your own drills with integrated drawing and animations programs make easy2coach fun to use.


Free basic membership


The registration on only takes a few minutes and is free of charge.

After the registration, you can create your own team, training days and plan games. In the first five days, you can use all functions, and the over 1.000 drills free of charge. Thereafter, you can decide if you want to keep the basic membership or upgrade to premium for only 7.95€ per month.


Available as an iPhone, iPad and Android App


From 2017 onwards, you can access the easy2coach software as an App from the Apple-Store as well as Google-Play-Store. Regardless, whether the next appointment needs to be planned, attendance needs to be checked or, you want to check the comments over a game, with the easy2coach App all this and more should be even faster and the interactive exchange even quicker.

Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills

Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills

Epic Soccer Training

Soccer training is much simpler, easier and more efficient when you are following an established and tested training program. One of these special types of training that can significantly improve your soccer skills is epic soccer training. Thousands of soccer players across the world are practicing the Epic Soccer Training system. Many people have already heard about it, but do you know exactly what this program is all about?123-300x198 Epic Soccer Training - Improve Soccer Skills

Epic Soccer Training is a special soccer training program created by Matt Smith, the ex Adidas All-American Player. (1) The main goal of this program is to help beginners and those who have some basic soccer skills to improve their skills and become better at this sport. The main focus is put on individual training. This means that the program is all about developing unique skills which make players stand out from the crowd.

In order to develop this program, Matt Smith has used his own experience. He was a student of some of the best coaches on our planet. So, with this program, you can expect to enhance your dribbling, ball control, shooting and passing skills. In addition, Epic Soccer training will also help you enhance your soccer intelligence in general. You can’t expect to get training like this in ordinary soccer clubs.1234-300x169 Epic Soccer Training - Improve Soccer Skills

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Advantages of Epic Soccer Training

There are many advantages associated with this program. One of the greatest advantages is the fact that you will get a chance to use a comprehensive soccer training program. Every module is a logical continuation of the previous one. In other words, you will improve your soccer skills gradually and in the right way. Every module is precise and clear and even complete beginners can understand them. This is quite logical because Epic Soccer Training was made by a professional soccer player. The creator of this program displays all the drills himself. On top of that, there is a complete money back guarantee.

In case you want to improve your soccer skills in the right way and you want to learn how to play soccer properly, you can count on the Training program.

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