Sports Betting – Martingale Strategy,make money online

Sports Betting –  Martingale Strategy

Martingale StrategyMartignale-Strategy-300x300 Sports Betting -  Martingale Strategy,make money online

Introduced in France in the mid-eighteenth century, Martingale betting strategy is one of the most popular among bettors and casino players.

The strategy consists of the following aspect: after every losing bet, we will double the stake, following so getting a small profit. The strategy applies to odds greater than 2.00. Obviously it is a strategy that we need a serious bank back, because it is very natural and very likely to have a longer series of losing bets.

 Let’s take an example:

Suppose we have a bank of $ 10,000 and perform first bet of 50 euros per share 2.00. The bet is lost. The next bet will be 100 euros per share from 2.00, also lost his bet. We go to level 3 where the bet is 200 euros per share from 2.00 and this time the bet is a winner. So we invested in totally 50 + 100 + 200 and returned to us was 400 euros, which means that we got a drive profit,  50 euros. Obviously if and 3rd bet would have been lost, we would have continued on with doubling the stakes. The strategy is debatable and controversial, many believe it is not worth the risk of potentially large sums for a single unit. On the other hand, others prefer it over other more complex strategies.

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sports-betting-martingale-strategy Sports Betting -  Martingale Strategy,make money online