Soccer is one of the most played game on the planet. Apart from playing soccer, watching football series is also fun. So maybe you’re playing with your friends and cousins and they can’t stop bragging you just because you can’t do it well? It is no more an issue. Soccer is all about manipulating and controlling the ball in a very comfortable and expert manner. Most of the times, our less practice routine results in the mistakes. To carry out a good and tough match on the field, don’t focus on trying out new, focus on the tricks you’re expert at. but If you can’t play it well, doesn’t mean you can’t really play well! Most of the times, we get so excited to learn the game that we forget the important measures and key points which results in more mistakes and errors. To stop your friend from bragging you and to achieve the place in the team, try these top ways of improving your soccer skills which will make you a player and then a star;TIPS-TO-LEARN-AND-IMPROVE-YOUR-SOCCER-SKILLS-300x300 TIPS TO LEARN AND IMPROVE YOUR SOCCER SKILLS


    Above every other tip and trick, the first one is to play football every day and practice your skills in your own technical way. You can’t really get on trying new techniques and stuff without even drilling 30 minutes daily. The fundamental of soccer is to practice every day least for 30 to 40 minutes. Train your mind and feet by playing hard on every football fundamental and don’t forget to stay hydrated and stay motivated to learn more! Whenever you enter up the practice ground, keep your hopes high and never underestimate yourself that you can’t do it, after all, practice makes everything perfect and better than before.

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    The first rule to learn and improve your soccer skill is to keep the fact in your mind that soccer is a sport of team, so don’t play it for your own greatness and nobility. Pass the ball as much as you can by not being the only smarty on the ground. Don’t forget to move the ball more rather than moving yourself so you can play for a big time without getting tired. As the ball move faster than your own self, don’t try to run along it and don’t forget to pass, as much as you really can cause man? You’re not playing alone!


    Every time when your defender gets near to you, use your body as shield and protect the ball in a manner than he really can’t get near to the ball. Change the dribbling pace so no one can really predict your moves and plans. Keep your arms, shoulder, legs to protect the ball and to let the defender try a fail struggle to get the ball. Play with tricks and mind and try as many techniques as you can. Whenever you try saving the ball, don’t try to put pressure on the attacker because it can result in losing up the ball.


    Whether you are defending or setting up the game, anticipate as much as you can. The best point to anticipate is when the ball is moving towards you. If you can predict that what possibly be the next move of your opponent, then you are at the plus. Give your opponent a bad time, put as much as pressure required to get the ball back! Don’t easily give the ball, create a mind and technical game but beware of committing foul!


    A good sense of orientation and communication is always a plus, because it keeps the hope and game spirit high and helps to hold the game in your hands. A good sense of orientation and a communication will help the teammates to create a mind game with high spirits. It also helps to predict the next move of your teammate! Move at every corner of the ground to help your team mate as much as you really can; defend, attack to play a much friendlier game.


    Practice to dribble as much as you can, place 4 to 5 cones on your ground and try to dribble around them. Dribbling will allow to clear out the predictive part in your moves. Moving the ball downfield is stated as fast and controlled dribbling; try this kind of dribbling as much as you can. Whenever your ball or foot is touching the cones or destruction placed, then for sure you’re not perfectly controlling your move or doing it fast. Try to handle that and practice speed dribbling 30 minutes every day to get a better result and improvement. The sides and the top of your toes are the essential parts for dribbling, so don’t forget to master this tip and trying out a hundred times.



    Happy smiling kids playing football outdoors in sunny day

    Before you try out any technical and tough kind of drilling, make sure to learn and master the basic one. The best way to practice drilling and dribbling is with the help of placing cones on the field. Practice in and outside drilling around the cones with both the feet and give the ball some momentum too. practicing roll inside drilling will help you in attacking and defending too. every single time when you ball or foot touches the cone, practice more to make it on point and perfect.


    One of the most made error is when we start trying out different new techniques every day. The reason why it is not a good idea is; ‘’starting from the basics and moving towards the tough is the right deal to make’’. When you step into the ground to improve your soccer skills, the first thing you have to do is to master the basics; the simple basics you are good at. You have to first make your basic techniques strong so you are clear at the first place!

    Before moving onto more advance drilling and dribbling techniques and moves, try out your basic moves as much as you can. The point where you are able to kick the ball where you want involving your basic techniques is the point where you can move to the next difficulty level.


    Out thinking the opponents will help you beat the other team with your fast drilling and dribbling. The soccer is the type of game, which requires equal amount of techniques and intelligence. You have to be clever enough to predict someone’s move and how they will react to your movements and ways. In the start of the game, your first job is to read defender’s reaction and mind. Even when you are at the defending stage, you should know every single move about your attackers, this is how you will be a better intelligent and clever player to beat the team with a hard game.


    Whenever you are alone and wish to practice and improve your skills the best idea is to hit the ball against one selected wall. Once you get successful to look for a tough wall, you can there practice your football skills with great toughness. Hit the ball against the wall in such a way that the wall bounces back for only one time. Practice to strike hard and once you get enough practicing with your basic steps, try out next level toughness and difficulty. Choose the room which is more likely a garage and don’t carry any window around by. One bounce is the great way of learning more and increasing self-control, speed and making your strike and attack rough so your opponent can’t really move around to get the ball.Every sport requires a great amount of practice and expertise, football is the same kind of game too but it also requires the player’s sharpness and cleverness. Whenever you practice to improve your soccer skills, don’t forget to miss out training programs, football workouts and football exercises. In order to sharpen up your skills, you should have a good soccer training equipment and football coaching equipment to meet up the team’s criteria and practice as more as you can. Football is a very tiring game, so the best tip is to stay hydrated as long as you can. Whenever you get any type of injury while practicing the game, don’t try out carrying play more because it will only increase the pain and will take you to bed for a long run.

  11.   Football workouts and football exercises 

    Soccer training is based on how well you know the tricks and techniques and how good you can play with your opponent’s mind. Stay in the minds more, than the game and never wish to learn difficulties as the basic mastery! Practice more, predict more and learn more! And to share the most effective and true tip is to get an epic soccer training system which has all the pons of training your soccer playing abilities and refreshing the player inside you, this has helped many players around the world to learn more about football and to know about the hidden tricks. These kind of products are really a plus for Enhancing your abilities and you can always get a soccer training product to unlock the secrets of football world.

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Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills

Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills

Epic Soccer Training

Soccer training is much simpler, easier and more efficient when you are following an established and tested training program. One of these special types of training that can significantly improve your soccer skills is epic soccer training. Thousands of soccer players across the world are practicing the Epic Soccer Training system. Many people have already heard about it, but do you know exactly what this program is all about?123-300x198 Epic Soccer Training - Improve Soccer Skills

Epic Soccer Training is a special soccer training program created by Matt Smith, the ex Adidas All-American Player. (1) The main goal of this program is to help beginners and those who have some basic soccer skills to improve their skills and become better at this sport. The main focus is put on individual training. This means that the program is all about developing unique skills which make players stand out from the crowd.

In order to develop this program, Matt Smith has used his own experience. He was a student of some of the best coaches on our planet. So, with this program, you can expect to enhance your dribbling, ball control, shooting and passing skills. In addition, Epic Soccer training will also help you enhance your soccer intelligence in general. You can’t expect to get training like this in ordinary soccer clubs.1234-300x169 Epic Soccer Training - Improve Soccer Skills

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Advantages of Epic Soccer Training

There are many advantages associated with this program. One of the greatest advantages is the fact that you will get a chance to use a comprehensive soccer training program. Every module is a logical continuation of the previous one. In other words, you will improve your soccer skills gradually and in the right way. Every module is precise and clear and even complete beginners can understand them. This is quite logical because Epic Soccer Training was made by a professional soccer player. The creator of this program displays all the drills himself. On top of that, there is a complete money back guarantee.

In case you want to improve your soccer skills in the right way and you want to learn how to play soccer properly, you can count on the Training program.

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How to run Faster,Right mindset

How to run Faster9hi8ujmsdza-braden-collum How to run Faster,Right mindset

How to run Faster

Running faster can help you perform better in a variety of sports including football, basketball, baseball, and track. In order to run faster, there are several things you can do. The techniques that we mention involve both the mind and the body and they have been proven to work.

First, you need the right mindset if you want to run faster. You should genuinely believe that you have the ability to run faster and you should avoid thinking that you’ve maxed out in terms of running speed or that it isn’t possible to run any faster. Once you are open to the belief that you really can run faster, the physical training will be easier. Also, in terms of mindset, remember that increasing running speed may not happen overnight. Sometimes it can take weeks of training to see a significant improvement in running speed.

Right mindset

Now that you understand the importance of having the right mindset, let’s get into some of the physical aspects of training. First, you will want to see how fast you can currently run. This can be done either on a treadmill or with a running speedometer. If you are using a treadmill, be sure to have a workout partner watch what’s going on so you don’t fall. Basically, start running on the treadmill and gradually move the speed level up until you believe you can’t move it up anymore. Note the miles per hour that you are going (many treadmills measure their speed level in miles per hour).

If you opt for the running speedometer and track approach to calculating your base speed, you do not need a workout partner. Simply run as fast you possible and, when running as fast you can, look down at your speedometer. If this seems too difficult, you can purchase a running speedometer that will show you metrics relevant to your run, such as maximum speed attained.

Jumping rope

Once you have calculated your base running speed, it’s time to move into the actual workouts that will enhance your running speed. One of these workouts is jumping rope. Jumping rope improves your overall cardiovascular fitness, meaning that you will be able to run faster if you jump rope often enough. Another exercise is called endurance running. Endurance running is running for longer distances (such as a half mile, mile, even cross country). Endurance running strengthens the muscles you use to run, which in turn will allow you to run farther and faster.

Psychological help

Part of your training should be psychological. In other words, it helps to invite a motivating friend to run with you. He or she can encourage you to run faster, or the two of you can race. If involving a friend isn’t an option, consider a personal trainer if you’re serious about improving your running speed. A personal trainer will provide you with the techniques and motivation you need to run faster.

Eat importance

Last but not least, you should do everything you can to make sure you’re not tired. Drink coffee before you run (if needed), get plenty of rest, and eat foods that don’t make you tired. Fast food is a type of food that is known to make people tired, and we don’t recommend eating it before a run. Sometimes, just having enough energy can make you run faster.If you want professional help I recommended this training program will help you a lot , to run faster

How to train your body like Cristiano Ronaldo?

How to train your body like Cristiano Ronaldo?Cr7-300x300 How to train your body like Cristiano Ronaldo?

While it is true that strength and muscle ripped body is not all it takes to become a good footballer, it is also true that having an outstanding physique like Cristiano Ronaldo can significantly improve your performance on the field. Let’s be clear, Ronaldo didn’t have a body like that a few years ago, but when he decided to become a true professional, he started practicing some exercises and live a healthy lifestyle to get and stay in shape. When Ronaldo arrived at Manchester United he was a little bit skinny, but it didn’t take much time before he turned into a real football machine.

The importance of mental strength

Before we start talking about the training process, it is crucial to understand that mental strength plays important role in this process. Namely, you must be determined that you want to get in shape like this. You must be completely devoted to every training session and you must be disciplined. There are several techniques that can help you with that, so make sure to learn more about them.

The training routinecr-cit-300x300 How to train your body like Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo, or CR7 as some people call it, takes five training sessions a week. Of course, there are times when this practice is reduced due to mid-week games. According to his trainers, Ronaldo spends between three and four hours a day involved in physical activities. He also has a specially designed diet and he follows this diet strictly. It’s good to mention that Ronaldo pointed out that rest and good sleep are contributing to his performance and physical appearance. Namely, he usually goes to bed early and wakes up early in the morning.

Those three or four hours a day Cristiano spends on exercise guarantee that the level of body fat remains under 10%. He also includes about half an hour of cardio exercises which usually consist of running. He actually takes a small period of 5-10 minutes between other exercises.


CR7 practices HIIT or High-intensity interval training. This specific type of training includes alternating short periods of time of intense anaerobic exercise combined with less intense periods of time used for recovery. He is especially fond of ultra fast, explosive sprinting exercises. Obviously, in order to stay in shape and keep his form as a football player, he also practices technical exercises that can improve ball control and skills. Since football is a team sport, Ronaldo also practices football tactical drills so he can improve his communication with other team members. The daily workout routine of Cr7 includes gym exercises focused on certain muscle groups and overall body strength.

If you want to train your body like Cristiano Ronaldo you’ll need to take care of your diet too. It is very important to eat 5-6 small meals a day. You should leave between two and four hours between each meal. In addition, drink more water, avoid sugary products and focus on foods packed with nutrients and low on fat and calories.

Getting in shape like Ronaldo is a process that requires time, but it is definitely worth it.

Step by step: How to become a professional football Player?

Professional football Player

Football is by far the most popular sport in the world. (1) Millions of fans watch the most exciting matches on TV and over the Internet and thousands of them are attending these matches on stadiums. There is no doubt that watching pro footballer players playing football is exciting, but what’s even more exciting is becoming a professional football player. In case you want to become a true professional, you will definitely need to have a passion for this sport. You will also need to be prepared to play football all the time and practice with the ball even when you are completely alone. Generally speaking, the passion and willingness to play are the two most important things that you will need to become a pro. Of course, there are few other things that you’ll need and that’s why we have prepared this step by step guide.1-300x225 Step by step: How to become a professional football Player?


Dedicating yourself to football

Don’t forget that your passion for this sport will help you become a professional footballer. So, before you start training make sure that this is the profession that you want to do in the future. Next, you should spend some time learning everything there is to know about this sport – watch matches, read books and consult with professional footballers.

You should also train as much as you can and enhance yourself as a footballer, mentally, emotionally and physically. Obviously, getting involved at a young age is better (starting from 5 years). (2) You should train on a regular basis and attend special training camps offered by football clubs and associations. If there is a chance to represent your school, region or organization in some tournament, try everything you can to get in the team. It is the best idea to join a team/club that has an experienced coach and clear structure, so you can move from one category to another gradually.2-300x200 Step by step: How to become a professional football Player?

Overcome problems and challenges

Training to become a footballer is not a smooth sail, so you should be prepared for all kinds of situations. The basic rule is to practice as much as you can and to give your best in every training session. Get ready to practice almost every day even when the weather is rainy or relatively hot. If you are going to school or if you are working some other job, you will need to keep balance.

As you know, patience is a virtue, so you will need this virtue during this process. Becoming a professional is not something that happens overnight. There is always room for improvement, so don’t be overly confident. Next, you should evaluate yourself and your skills. After a while, you should be able to determine the right position for you. Focus on developing the skills you are missing. Besides getting in shape (physical training), you will also need to work on your communication skills because, after all, football is a team sport and lack of communication will hurt the team and eventually your efforts to become a reputable professional player.

3-300x150 Step by step: How to become a professional football Player?

Even in times when you are not at the venue of your club, you can practice with your friends. It’s always a good idea to practice with more experienced players. Finally, ask your club whether they are planning to use professional players in the future or whether they have contacts with other clubs that need professional players.