How has football gear changed over the years?

How has football gear changed over the years?

19th century

Back in the 19th century when the first official football matches were played, football players didn’t think much about football gear. They just needed a pair of shoes and a ball. Of course, this situation today is changes and modern football players and enthusiasts can choose between many different football equipment accessories and football equipment apparel options. Football requires more than shoes and a ball – it includes shin guards, football referee equipment, football training equipment, football equipment bags and much more. Now let’s see how has football gear changed over the years.

Football-Gear-1-300x163 How has football gear changed over the years?


To start with, we will focus on the basics – the football ball. In the ancient times, people have played football with many different types of balls. It was in the 19th century when football balls got their modern definition. However, football equipment back then included balls made of rubber. It was Charles Goodyear who made the first vulcanized football ball made of rubber in 1855. (1) This ball gradually replaced the balls made of pig’s bladder. Today, people can choose between many different types of football balls. They can play with softer, harder, smaller or bigger balls. There is also a standard that is accepted by FIFA.Football-gear-2-300x203 How has football gear changed over the years?


16th century

In the 16th century, people in England invented specially designed shoes for kicking and lifting balls. They were improved in the 19th centuries when the first steel-toed work boots were invented. Football equipment advancement has followed the technological advancement of the 20th and 21st century and modern football players use leather cleats. Beginner and intermediate footballers can use cleats based on synthetic materials too.

While we are talking about football equipment we should mention the shin guards. This safety equipment became popular in the late 19th century. (2) When choosing shin guard, people should think about both safety and comfort. Only the best football equipment brands can guarantee these properties.

Some other pieces of football gear that have evolved in the last couple of decades include socks, gloves, shirts, shorts, and training equipment like football equipment bags, marker cones, flags and slalom poles. The referee and indoor football equipment are important too.

It is also good to mention that in the last decade, there are a few football equipment brands that have established themselves as leaders in this industry. Many of them were among the companies that have created the first professional pieces of football equipment. Some of the most popular brands include Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro, Diadora, Reebok, and Lotto. They are creating high-quality products made of different materials.Footballgear-3 How has football gear changed over the years?

Thanks to the increased interest and mass production of football equipment, the prices of every item in this category are much lower and more affordable. In other words, you can expect to find top-line cheap football equipment. If you want to save even more, you should look for football equipment companies offering football equipment bundle options. These bundles include the most used pieces of equipment. Finally, buyers can save even more if they are looking for football equipment auction options, Amazon deals, wholesale deals and online store offers.

5 Steps to Become a Professional Football Coach

5 Steps to Become a Professional Football Coach

Football Coach

According to some surveys, a professional football coach is a job position that many young people dream about. This professional is probably less popular only when compared to a football player. However, people must understand that being a professional football coach in a professional team is a very challenging task. It is the sole responsibility of the coach to sign and sell players while keeping the club’s budget in mind, promoting players, experimenting with their positions, working with the team and with certain players alone etc. if you think that this is something that you can deal with, then keep reading because we will reveal the 5 steps that every person should make to become a professional football coach

  • Playing experience

    If you are still young and you should definitely try playing for a local club first. Playing experience is not necessary, but it can be quite helpful. This is a good way to understand how teams work and what you should do to improve the harmony in the team. Many of the popular professional football coaches today were successful football players before they’ve decided to become coaches

  • Become a coach in the local club and learnCoach-1-300x198 5 Steps to Become a Professional Football Coach

    Check the ads and find out whether there is a job in some of the local clubs. Keep in mind that you don’t need a semi-pro or pro club to gain coaching experience so don’t be too picky. It’s all about getting more experience and understanding the duties and responsibilities of the coach in any team. In case you can’t find a paying job, don’t hesitate to ask whether they need volunteers at least for the youth team. Use the time spent there to learn. It would be helpful if the club has another general manager so you can learn from their experience and knowledge.

  • Get educated

    Thanks to the Internet, you can get a coaching degree online. Of course, if you have a chance and you think that taking physical classes/courses is better, then opt for such classes. If you have a degree in coaching you will have a better chance to be hired. Obviously, you will learn more about this activity too.

  • Get certification

    If you want to become a professional football coach you will also need a certification. Every football association has different rules and terms about issuing such certifications. Learn more about these terms and try to meet all the conditions before applying. Many football associations have different levels of certification which usually depend on the time you’ve spent as a coach. There are cases when you need to spend ten times as a coach and meet some criteria before becoming a real pro.

  •  Keep learning and upgrading yourself

    Don’t forget that in order to stay a successful professional football coach you must follow the latest trends and news in this field. Even though the rules of football are not changing, the playing style, the tactics, and strategies are changing all the time.