Betting – Easy Money Strategy

Betting – Easy Money Strategy 

Easy Money Strategy is one of the most frequented by gamblers and this strategy because the idea of the game is simple, but also because it can start with a small amount, it and anyone can afford.

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Easy money odds means that we play small (less than 1.10 for example) and every time we take the entire sum game that we reached. All that remains is to establish ourselves at the beginning of steps or a target amount at which we want to go and then try to not lose any bet, because any losing bet means exit from the race and losing the entire amount.

Let’s take an example:

If we have 20 $:

Step 1: 20 x $ 1.05 = $ 21
2: $ 21 x 1.08 = $ 22.68
3: $ 22.68 x 1.09 = $ 24.72 …………… ..
n: X Amount Amount x 1.04 = Y

Determined to stop at Y amount and we will cash out. Obviously, it is possible we get out of the first and we had to try several times, but, as mentioned above, the benefit of the strategy is that it can start with a small amount and does not need a bankroll sophisticated .

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Betting Sport Arbitrage Strategy

Betting  Arbitrage Strategy 

Arbitrage Strategy

It is one of the most known and used strategies that help us make money from sports betting, many gamblers choose to do Arbitrage over other betting strategies or methods.

What does it mean Arbitrage?

The best we illustrate this with an example. We take tennis match between Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych in which a bookmaker odds are 2.05 to 1.85, and the sports betting odds are 1.85 to 2.05. If we bet on the first bookmaker 1 and 2 in the second bookmaker, we get profit regardless of the outcome. Obviously, in this case, we put the same stake, but if the two odds would have been different, we would have had to adjust our stake so as to have the same profit whatever the outcome. And for this, it would have to use a calculator stakes that can be found through a simple Google search.

Obviously, Sports Arbitrage is valid for all sports and almost all types of bets, many such “sure-bets” as they call them can be found at parties ice hockey or football, where we have 3 results for example (1 , X, or 2). This method has advantages and disadvantages. Profit is guaranteed, we do not need any documentation to that sporting event and normally should not have problems in making profits with Arbitrage.Arbitrage-300x300 Betting Sport Arbitrage Strategy

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks. The strategy requires a bankroll seriously enough to feel that profit, you need an electronic wallet for money more easily able to walk between houses, in addition to this some punters betting limit or refuse bets and so problems can occur. For an overview of bookmakers and find such sure-bets you can visit the website listed odds portal where are many bookmakers worldwide.

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