What will happen if Cristiano will leave Real Madrid?

What will happen if Cristiano will leave Real Madrid?

There have been a lot of speculations about Cristiano Ronaldo leaving the Bernabeu. As one of the greatest players in the history of football and Europe’s greatest clubs, the mere thought of Cristiano leaving Bernabeu for another club next season came as a shocker to both the club and the fans. This was after he declared that he had made an irreversible decision to leave the Spanish giants after being slapped with tax fraud charges that amount to almost 15 million euros by the Spanish authorities. Though earlier on he had actually said he would love to one day move away from Bernabeu, but coming as early as this summer is hard to believe and has sent a lot of shockwaves across the world of soccer.

Various soccer news outlets have tried to speculate about this football transfer that is likely to be the transfer of the century. There are a number of things that are bound to happen if actually this transfer is actualized as we are going to see below;

EA sports

If it happens that this rumors about the transfer will become a reality, the EA sports will have to make some changes to their FIFA 18 game. However, this transfer would send shock waves globally if it goes through considering that Real have successfully defended the Champions League cup and also won the La Liga and with Ronaldo having played a pivotal role in both, and the guy looks to have settled well in the Spanish capital.Talent-without-working-hard-is-nothing.-Cristiano-Ronaldo-300x300 What will happen if Cristiano will leave Real Madrid?

Thus the EA sports will be praying very hard that Ronaldo does not move as their FIFA 8 game revolves around him a lot. Cristiano Ronaldo was seen in a Real Madrid jersey on the FIFA 18 cover, and this means that if he will actually move then the cover of FIFA 18 will have to be redesigned a fresh. This will be a big disappointment to EA sports since the game is only supposed to release after September 29, and this is past the summer transfer window deadline. The move is looking more improbable, and EA sports are now praying hard as a move will actually be a mess of bother for several months before the real date of release.

A move for Ronaldo would also have the biggest impact on ‘The Journey 2’ game. Starting from the trailers, we find that Cristiano Ronaldo features this time round in this game and there has been a lot gossip that maybe Alex Hunter might feature as a Galactico in the FIFA 18. This potentially means that Hunter’s involvement in the storyline of the game will involve Cristiano Ronaldo as his team mate. In the case that Cristiano Ronaldo actually moves away from Spanish Capital, then the whole ‘The Journey 2’ experience will greatly be jeopardized.

The EA sports will likely be forced to pull down that storyline if the transfer is actualized. And if they decide to keep the things the way they are, then they will actually be risking giving an authentic experience to their fans.

Real Madrid will miss a great player/savior, a player with a great impact on the football pitch. Cristiano has actually scored a lot of goals and provided a lot of assists in both the Champions league and La Liga. Unlike Barcelona where we have the combination of Messi, Neymar, and Suarez, Real Madrid only has Cristiano Ronaldo. In the last season’s UEFA champions league when they were playing against Wolfsburg, Ronaldo scored a hat-trick and this saved Real Madrid from exiting the champion league at the quarter stage. If we also go one season back and have a look at their game against Schalke, Ronald had to come in and save the team by scoring 1 goal and also gave one assist for another goal, and they eventually won 3-0 in their first leg.


Therefore it will be a big task for Real to get a player who will equal or even come close to Ronaldo’s capabilities.

Lastly, as many soccer news and outlets have put it before, Cristiano has a soft spot for Manchester United and has never shied away from professing his love for Manchester United. So with him up for grabs, its just common knowledge that Manchester United would be one of the few clubs that would have an upper hand signing him. And Ronaldo has always been very affectionate about his former club, and considering that he is a Hero at Old Trafford. And with the likes of Jorge Mendes, Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho in positions of power, this key people can make that return very possible…if they just want to.


How to train your body like Cristiano Ronaldo?

How to train your body like Cristiano Ronaldo?Cr7-300x300 How to train your body like Cristiano Ronaldo?

While it is true that strength and muscle ripped body is not all it takes to become a good footballer, it is also true that having an outstanding physique like Cristiano Ronaldo can significantly improve your performance on the field. Let’s be clear, Ronaldo didn’t have a body like that a few years ago, but when he decided to become a true professional, he started practicing some exercises and live a healthy lifestyle to get and stay in shape. When Ronaldo arrived at Manchester United he was a little bit skinny, but it didn’t take much time before he turned into a real football machine.

The importance of mental strength

Before we start talking about the training process, it is crucial to understand that mental strength plays important role in this process. Namely, you must be determined that you want to get in shape like this. You must be completely devoted to every training session and you must be disciplined. There are several techniques that can help you with that, so make sure to learn more about them.

The training routinecr-cit-300x300 How to train your body like Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo, or CR7 as some people call it, takes five training sessions a week. Of course, there are times when this practice is reduced due to mid-week games. According to his trainers, Ronaldo spends between three and four hours a day involved in physical activities. He also has a specially designed diet and he follows this diet strictly. It’s good to mention that Ronaldo pointed out that rest and good sleep are contributing to his performance and physical appearance. Namely, he usually goes to bed early and wakes up early in the morning.

Those three or four hours a day Cristiano spends on exercise guarantee that the level of body fat remains under 10%. He also includes about half an hour of cardio exercises which usually consist of running. He actually takes a small period of 5-10 minutes between other exercises.


CR7 practices HIIT or High-intensity interval training. This specific type of training includes alternating short periods of time of intense anaerobic exercise combined with less intense periods of time used for recovery. He is especially fond of ultra fast, explosive sprinting exercises. Obviously, in order to stay in shape and keep his form as a football player, he also practices technical exercises that can improve ball control and skills. Since football is a team sport, Ronaldo also practices football tactical drills so he can improve his communication with other team members. The daily workout routine of Cr7 includes gym exercises focused on certain muscle groups and overall body strength.

If you want to train your body like Cristiano Ronaldo you’ll need to take care of your diet too. It is very important to eat 5-6 small meals a day. You should leave between two and four hours between each meal. In addition, drink more water, avoid sugary products and focus on foods packed with nutrients and low on fat and calories.

Getting in shape like Ronaldo is a process that requires time, but it is definitely worth it.