Sports betting Strategy using 1-3-2-6 System

Sports betting Strategy using 1-3-2-6 System,

Sports betting Strategy

If you bet only a match ticket online, 1-3-2-6 betting system can help in the long run, because once you lose all bank and are likely to finish the addition. It’s more a money-betting management, to self, because you have to play by ear without a well-tuned system. You must wager share minimum 2 and it would be better to choose games with only 2 different results, such as: tennis, volleyball, baseball, etc. or Asian Handicap football, where it eliminates equal or below and above goals, like over 2.5 goals over 3.5 goals, etc.Bettings-strategy-300x300 Sports betting Strategy using 1-3-2-6 System

At first bet stake will be 1, second will be  3, third one stake will be 2 and last one stake will be 6. stake will be chosen according to your budget and be allocated betting £ 10, 100 Euros or any other amount. For example, at first bet stake will be 100 euros, the second bet 300 euros, 200 euros in the third and final 600 euros. If you lose any of these four steps, a start over from step 1, ie stake 1. If the step is winning, advanced to the next step.

Take the example with 2.00 odds standard rate: In case you lose the first bet is a loss of 1 unit, which is not much. If the bet is lost at number two, is a loss of 2 units because the bet 1 unit made a profit. Number 3 bet not recorded any loss, on the contrary you will have a profit of 2 units because the first 2 bets was recorded 4 units profit. If your bet loses 4 shall not record any losses because it previously earned gross bets exactly. Money-management is a term that helps you maintain at least afloat sports betting, there are considerable chances to make profit.

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