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Smart swiss ball exercises

Smart swiss ball exercises

 The Swiss ball is an inflated ball called an exercise ball as well. Swiss balls exist in different sizes. They are effective exercises where you can especially do good core-stability exercises. You can do stomach exercises on a mat, squats where your abdominal muscles are also working. Due to the unstable character of a Swiss ball, you also train the finer abdominal muscles, in addition to the rectus abdominis (straight abdominal muscles) and the obliques (oblique muscles).

With the swiss ball, you train the entire core region, not only your belly and back muscles but also your hips and buttocks. Training with a swiss ball helps improve your balance and coordination. Use the swiss ball in the right way and it is a good fitness equipment to enhance your functional strength inside and outside the gym.

Swiss ball exercises

Which swiss ball exercises are good for you? As a personal trainer, I use the swiss ball a lot. Most importantly, I find differences in exercises. Use the swiss ball once as a good abdominal exercise, and in addition to a stability exercise for the good abdominal muscles. Improving your abdominal muscles also improves stability. Important to train those abdominal muscles too.

Swiss ball roll-out

My most favorite swiss ball practice is the rolling plank. With the rolling plank, you span your whole body, your legs, your buttocks, your abdominal muscles, back to your arms.Place your arms on the ball and stay straight like a shelf, roll the ball slowly forward and hold the shelf position. Hold the ball in the final position (short), and roll back the swiss ball without changing your body’s attitude. Is this too heavy? Then start your knees on the ground and hold the ball in the final position for a little longer.


Repeat 12-16x

Swiss ball hamstring curl

The swiss ball hamstring curl is one of the best ways to train your upper leg muscles.Especially your hamstrings and hips – if you do well. Lay on your back with your ankles on the swiss ball. Lift your hips and keep them as straight as possible. Now move your ball to you without falling back with your hips. Make sure that you hold the final position in which your lower leg is bent for about 4 seconds.


Repeat 10-12x

Swiss ball push-up with withdrawal

This is a hard exercise, especially if you first train with a swiss ball. Once you master this exercise, you get stronger from your upper body to your legs. The girl as this exercise is also mentioned, spans your entire mid section ; your straight and oblique abdominal muscles, lower back, muscle muscles, hip flexors. The push-up provides training for your upper body.Smart swiss ball exercises


Place both legs on the swiss ball and your hands right under your shoulders on the ground.Now take the ball to you and move it back. If the ball is back to the starting position, make one push-up . This is one repeat.

Repeat 12x

Seated swiss ball leg raise

This exercise seems very easy, but you can make as heavy as you like. You will notice that if you stay for a while you will feel itself. During this exercise you train the lower abdominal muscles, making it important that you stay upright. Due to the instability of the swiss ball, this requires a lot of your lower back. This is because of the tendency for you to sit downwards, inactivating the abdominal muscles to a large extent.


Sit straight on the swiss ball, with both feet flat on the ground. Now raise one leg and keep this leg bent. This holds you for about 30 seconds and then changes from a leg. Do this afterward (again 30 seconds), but keep your leg stretched. Now you will notice that this is heavier. Still too light? Then stretch both arms up. This makes you more difficult because you are even more unstable.

Repeat 4x per leg.

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