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Qualities needed to play football

Qualities needed to play football

Football today is a changing of technically, tactically and physically. To meet the requirements of modern football today, each player depending on the position that evolves must have luggage as high quality.


In the current football, goalkeeper tasks have become more complex. It is recommended that the goalkeeper has a great game leg and be able to play the so-called libero position.

In addition, a very good goalkeeper must have the following qualities:

– Have a good position goal;

– Have a good grip on the ball;

– Know when to get out on the cross;

– Be good duels with strikers box;

– have very good reflexes;

– To direct the whole team throughout the game;

Central DefenderCentral Defender

Focus on football past in an actual soccer game are firmly on construction game. Defender to participate actively in the building must have a very good technique to show a very good understanding of the game, can give the movement speed of the ball (playing one, two taps).

In addition, a central defender must have the following qualities:

– have a very good sense of anticipation;

– Be very good at duels

– Know when to rise and when to get off the line of defense, depending on where the ball;

– Know the game area and mark man to man;

– Be very good defensive duel 1-1;

– Have a good speed

Side DefenderSide Defender

In actual football is not enough as a wing defender to just defensive phase, a wingback both good and good strength is considered that quarterback that makes both phases.

Other qualities required of a wingback are:

– speed;

– exercise capacity;

– Be able to provide great quality;

– To win duels one against one in both defensive and offensive;

– Know when to raise and when defender to give her dubbing;

– To know the principles of the best in the area.

Offensive midfielder (Nr. 10)Central Midfielder

This type of player is rare, player number 10 is that player to make a difference.

Some of the qualities necessary for this type of player are:

– Have a good individual technique;

– Be able to “draw” in game;

– be able to assists;

– To participate actively in the defensive phase;

– Have fantasy game, be creative.

Winger / forward sideWinger

A very important quality of the player who plays this post is to offer great quality pass.

Is indicated as wingers have a very good technique of hitting the ball with both feet.

– Capacity of effort to do defensive phase;

– High-speed;

– Be able to overcome their opponents 1 vs 1.

It’s important to have high stamina.

central ForwardCentral Forword

The central striker position there are several types of strikers. For a striker to be as complete as possible, ideally have as many qualities of the specific type of attack.

 play very advanced speculate any mistake and is a good finisher.

player strength, good in duels. play very well behind the gate.

 has a good speed

  has a good technique.

-First touch ability.

and many others

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