Who Will become the Next Top Football Player After Messi and Ronaldo?

The question “Who will become the next top football player once Messi and Ronaldo are gone” has become wild in recent times. There are so many candidates waiting to take up the position. If you are breaking your head with this question, here are few candidates to be considered. These players game at different positions. They are known for their unique skills and characteristic moves.

#1 NeymarNeymar

The list of next top football player after Messi and Ronaldo begins with Neymar. Well, this was a quick and easy pick. Neymar has evolved to be a top performer in recent times. In fact, his name is nominated for the Ballon d’Or award too. He plays for some of the world’s prestigious and expensive clubs. He is chosen by the best clubs in Barcelona. At an age of 24, Neymar is too good to be true. He has established a legend for himself at this young age. Currently, Neymar enjoys a big market and makes millions. Neymar knows how to dribble, run and kick at the right hour. He is absolutely skillful and powerful on the field. Above all, he knows how to game with both his feet.

#2 Eden Hazard

Another young footballer in this list would be Eden Hazard. He is one of the world’s most expensive players. Currently, Hazard makes 65 million USD! Alas, you read it right. He is into the Premier League and has won many awards. This includes the FWA footballer and PFA player award. Renowned players like Ronaldo and Messi believe that Hazard has a great future ahead. Hazard proves to be a dangerous player who can pace, predict and dribble through all kinds of oppositions.

#3 Paul Pogba

One of the strongest midfielders in the world would be Paul Pogba. He is applauded for stunning vision, classy volleys, and wonderful dribbles. Indeed, he is one of the finest players in the world. Apart from being a loyal and great player, Pogba is versatile too. He is considered as the next big player in the industry.

#4 Gareth Bale

Next in line would be Gareth Bale. The national team of Wales treats Bale as a leading player. He has helped the team enjoy a series of victories. Any team will Bale is certainly lucky. His agility and perfect pace are killer advantages. Moreover, Gareth Bale is one of the world’s fastest football players



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