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New Football Training Book

Almost any football training program book that you read is mostly going to focus on physical fitness. I already know about all that, so it’s really helpful to find a book that’s actually about specific soccer drills. This is a book that actually offers a soccer training program that couldn’t just as easily apply to any sport, and I loved that.

Football Training BookActually, it looks like the writer has a lot of the same frustrations that I do when it comes to all of the different football training books that are all about physical fitness and nothing else. The book goes into some details about the different misconceptions related to working out. I think I’ve probably been drinking too much water over the years, actually. I’m glad that I’ve gotten some reassurance about that, because I really am sick of filling up water bottles all the time and never feeling like I’ve been hydrated enough.

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I also like that the writer does not emphasize weight loss or anything like that. I’ve seen football players of all sizes that are just as good, and too many writers in this genre push the myth that every single football player has to be skinny or at least barely muscular and skinny.

This book mostly encourages you to develop your leg muscles more, but there isn’t a lot of talk about having a certain look or anything. It’s good to see that the widespread social movement that’s all about fitness rather than weight loss is having a stronger effect on the rest of the sports community.

I also like that the book was not really preachy about nutrition, and that it still busts some nutritional myths that a lot of people in the sports world believe. Carbo-loading never worked for me, and it’s good to see that meat’s making a comeback!

One of the other great things about this book is that it actually describes why these different drills are great. A lot of times, they’ll just show you how to do the drills in a boring step by step process. It’s hard to read sections like that. Here, the actual soccer drills are summarized and you can understand exactly why these soccer drills are going to help your game. That’s really great, and I actually feel like I learned a lot from this book.

When it comes to the individual football training program part, I feel like this book emphasizes the need to come up with something that works for you. I like that. Most of the time, these books will talk about there being a right way to do things. You can’t just go with your own strengths: you have to do everything in this one particular way all the time. I like the fact that this is a book that encourages you to work everything out for yourself.

You can find the book here


You just don’t get enough of that in the sports world, which is all about setting standards and getting people to meet these really narrow targets. I mean, I want there to be standards and I want to actually get better and not just be told that I’m getting better. Still though, it’s nice to be told that it’s possible to get there on your own terms and that you really don’t have to constantly worry about doing things in the same way as everyone else all the time.

I also like that this is a book that focuses on individual circumstances. The writer takes into account that people won’t all have access to the same training areas. This has been a problem for me when I’ve lived in different areas, so it’s great to see a writer acknowledge that people actually will have different needs and that we don’t all have this big and spacious field that’s right next door.

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