Why is Lionel Messi the Greatest Footballer Ever?

The question “why Lionel Messi is the greatest footballer of all time” runs in the minds of both non-football and football fans. Over the years, Messi has proved to be a wonderful player on the pitch. He is a joy to every other football fan. Indeed, Messi showed that the game can be played differently and uniquely. With this being said, here are few reasons why Messi is the greatest footballer ever.

Too Many Records

The number of records broken by Lionel Messi is quite long. Too long to be listed on one page! He is recorded as the top goal scorer in leagues like El Clasico, La Liga, and Champions League. Also, Messi has won the highest number of Ballon d’Or awards. If there is someone who scored the highest number of goals in a single season and year, that would be Messi. Doesn’t this make Lionel Messi a football god? In the coming years, Messi is likely to establish few more records and break existing ones. This is a benchmark the next generation has to watch out for.

A Fine Player

Team owners and trainers break their heads to find a player who can stop Messi. Unfortunately, there are very few players to game against him. The impact Messi has is indescribable and very high. There are very few strategies to get rid of Messi. He can play, score and assist his team in all conditions. This makes Messi one-in-a-million. There is nothing you can do but appreciate his talent.

Messi is a classy player who knows to make the most out of every game. He gives the right expressions and gets hold of the ball under his feet in few split seconds. The best execution plans for any kind of game are done by Messi.

The Killer Goal

In 1986, Diego Maradona made one of the finest goals in Mexico. There were so much clarity and quality in the goal. Messi was the only person to reproduce this goal. The entire game received a whole new twist when Messi made the same goal again.

A Man at his Best

Regardless of how spectacular Lionel Messi is, he is not bothered! He doesn’t boast of his skills. He plays right and gets the game under control. That is all that please Messi. Doesn’t this make Lionel Messi a great player? A lot of football followers consider Lionel Messi as an unworldly creature loaded with lots of humanity and humbleness.



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