Football Training Program

Discover 3 types of Individual football training programs

Individual football training programs

Most types of training in football are those who work the front (although the group simultaneously) or by dividing the group into 2-3 or more subgroups working in the same training session after a program and different activities.

There are also training lessons (or parts thereof) that are working with each individual player, so they are called individual training, where the issues are to present.

Individual football training can take place in three different forms, criterion design:

The coach

  • Is the one who organized and plan your training, depending on the evidence that has a thorough knowledge of its players in relation to knowledge and deficiencies of each. He will propose each one a separate program, what techniques, what exercises and how to be dispensed, but all under a central theme that respects existing planning. For example, everyone will work on technical training, but each with other processes, especially as most exercises will need a working partner. We recommend using this type of training the young age groups under 14 years, players unable to discern exactly what they should do each. Because training is also quite difficult to drive,

Individual football training program

  • The self-individual workouts

  • Since the age ” Junior IThe self-individual workouts can be performed. The players are the ones who decide that it will continue their training and coach will serve as guidelines, in order to provide the required indications on exercise, workload on time etc .. Such training can be conducted whole but most commonly allocate parts 15-20 minutes or more, the player decides that he wants to work and organize their training sequence as he thought, working alone or with a partner, coach intervene only with the role of adviser. Those sequences may be located before the actual training (after some proper heating) during training, but most often occur after the end of training programs in the day or at another time of day,


  • Training individually

  • The third way is training individually driven entirely by coach with themes common to all players with similar exercises, but dosed differently depending on the particularities of each player. It is basically a workout coach or physical formulator, based on accurate knowledge about his players will adapt to each of the themes and objectives to their needs and possibilities and according to the evolution each time. The progress of each player will be better stimulated because there are no players “forced” by other colleagues (which is inhibitory) and no players “pulled backward” by other teammates (demotivating effect). The role of such types of training is primarily located in the psychological sphere, players with motivation separately (compete with itself) but also have considerable effects and plan maturity, because they will be the ones to choose, decide and will design what is important to them and that part of the training. One can speak of effects and self-organization and accountability line. In the strictly methodical plan, the role of such individual or individualized training is specialization and improvement.


Finally, you need some clarification :

These types of workouts require a well-trained coach or preparer physical education, experience and qualities, relationship skills and communication, because we have to work with all players equally, with attention paid evenly to all, with interventions punctual with observant etc., all in the context of the coaching group coordinates all working simultaneously but each relatively else. Is indispensable planning Thorough, before this training, to design properly work each and a relevant record of what happened in training that (the purpose is to customize the training to facilitate the progress of each and to know if what everyone had a significant effect).


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