Few Footballers Who Can Never Be Hated

Footballers endure an interesting profession, where they can have many followers and haters. Every move, every kick, and every goal can increase your fan base and the number of haters you have. This is why football is a game for the tough-hearted. It takes lots of determination and willpower to excel in the game. Nevertheless, there are some footballers who never had haters. With this being said, here is a quick walk through these footballers.

#1 Santi Cazorla

Santi Cazorla is one of the smallest football players on the field. To be more precise, he was the smallest player in the Premier League. Santi Cazorla is famous for his class. He is loved by everyone who follows football. May it be the club he plays for or the Spanish team, Cazorla is adored by everyone. He is hardly 5’5 feet tall. Nevertheless, his talent is several times better than most other footballers on the field. He is considered as a tiny dynamite that can set the entire place on fire. Santi Cazorla has a charming smile on his face at all times. He uses his smile to lift the hearts of those on the field. Even his opponents tend to respect him without knowing.

#2 Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo is one of the finest players, who served a single club for a decade! He helped his team win several games and many titles. Andrea Pirlo is a player with high abilities and a strong will. He is always treated like a world class player who redefined the way football was perceived. One would be astonished to note that Andrea Pirlo didn’t become famous till he grew a huge beard. Pirlo is ranked as the master of free kicks. Regardless of how far away his teammates are, Pirlo knows how to get the ball to them.

#3 Andres Iniesta

Last but certainly not least, Andres Iniesta is a much-loved footballer who abridged the gap between many teams. Though he was a diminutive player during those wild years, he did magic with the ball! Iniesta’s passes, dribbles, and out-foxing styles were simply wonderful. He never missed a chance on the pitch. So, why is Andres Iniesta loved so much? That is because he dedicated a finale winner to a player and friend who was deceased.

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