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EPL is the most lucrative league in the world and as a result it attracts players all over the world. In the last few summers, Alexandre Lacazette have been linked with Arsenal on a number of occasions but this summer everything looks set. The Gunners seem to be landing a world class star for under £50 million even without Champions League football according to football news. Lacazette is arriving at Arsenal at an opportune moment when they need strengthening. In fact, the deal seem to be finalized early suggesting that the Gunners have got their act together this transfer period.


Lacazette is a French forward who plays for Olympique Lyon club in Ligue 1 in France. Arsene Wenger has signed several Ligue 1 forwards over the years getting mixed success. Sylvain Wiltord, Olivier Giroud and Emmanuel Adebayor have been successful but Gervinho, Park Chu and Marouane Chamakh have not been quite to the levels expected. Therefore, will Lacazette be the right choice for Arsenal? The only way we can be able to tell is through comparing his stats with Premier League’s current top forwards.

Total Leagues Goals Last Season

Let’s start with the most important stat- goals. Lacazette is primarily brought to Arsenal to score goals and if we compare his last season in Ligue 1 with EPL top scorers, we can have a rough idea. Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku and Sergio Aguero were the three top scorers in PL last season with 29, 25 and 20 goals respectively. On the other hand, Lacazette had 27 goals in Ligue 1. He is definitely second above Lukaku who have been highly linked with Chelsea and Aguero who is usually regarded as one of the deadliest finishers in football game. It is therefore clear that Lacazette is a good goal scorer and probably he will deliver in Arsenal next season.

Goals From Penalties

If we consider the goals he scored from the spot, Lacazette had 10 goals out of 27 from the spot. It seems he is very good in converting penalty spots.

  • Lacazette – 10
  • Kane – 5
  • Aguero – 4
  • Lukaku – 1

With these stats, Lacazette penalty goals equals a total of Lukaku, Aguero and Kane! Therefore, upon joining Arsenal, he will have to take spot-kick duty at the Emirates Stadium.

Goals From Outside the Box

Here, were are considering goals from outside the penalty area. Depending with the style of play in a team, most managers would like their strikers to score from a variety of angles and distances. This makes them diverse, creative and dependable even if the opposition team has played a defensive game. Here are the stat:

  • Harry Kane – 5
  • Lacazette – 2
  • Lukaku – 1
  • Aguero – 1

It seems that Lacazette is not lethal from a distance if he scored only twice from outside the box last season in Lyon. Arsenal great strikers such as Thierry Henry and Robin Van Persie were lethal in long and short ranges and hence they were all rounded. Alexis Sanchez managed to score thrice from outside the box last season but he has managed to show that he is a threat from a distance both in open play and set pieces.

Shot Accuracy

As a striker, accuracy is important for conversion and here Lacazette seems to be right up there with Harry Kane. For a striker who scores from inside the box, shot accuracy should be a guarantee.

  • Kane – 65% from 110 shots
  • Lacazette – 65 from 83 shots
  • Lukaku – 64 from 110 shots
  • Aguero – 52 from 139 shots

It is evident that Lacazette has a good accuracy managing such a percentage with the lowest shots on goal. Surprisingly, Aguero comes fourth with the highest shots number of shots hitting the target!


  • Kane – 7
  • Lukaku – 6
  • Aguero – 3
  • Lacazette – 3

This one was not hard to predict because if he scores from inside the box, he probably does it without giving an assist. With Sanchez having 10 PL assists, Lacazette managed to have only 3 putting him behing Kane, Lukaku and Aguero although they were level. It is not easy replacing an all-round player like Alexis Sanchez who scores, assists and is involved in build-up play with a one dimensional player like Lacazette who just scores. Nevertheless, Ligue 1 and EPL re two different leagues and we can expect a lot from the Lyon man. However, he is the perfect bill for Arsenal with the likes of Robert Lewandowski and Gonzalo Higuain being unavailable.

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