Should FC Barcelona Retire No 10 Jersey After Messi?


A lot of football fans wonder if FC Barcelona should retire No. 10 jersey after Messi leaves their team. Well, there are mixed answers to this question. The respect football followers have for Messi is invincible. Everyone loves the way Messi plays and scores. However, the No 10 jersey shouldn’t retire with the player – this is a thought put forward by many football fans. If you are wondering why the jersey shouldn’t retire, here is a quick account on it.

Why is it a “No”

The name Lionel Messi will last for centuries and centuries in the history of football. His name will be recorded as one of the finest players football has ever seen. As a footballer, he has graced the game in many ways. Few notable achievements of Messi would be his Copa medals, four Champions League medals, and several La Liga awards. These are few named from his countless lists of honors. Messi’s legacy is identified by his game on the field. Conversely, there are several ways to uplift his name and honor him after retirement. It is quite evident that Jersey No. 10 is not his only identity. Moreover, FC Barcelona has numerous ways to prove his importance and strength in the game. And, retiring Jersey No 10 is not one of them.Messi

Moving on, jersey numbers in football play a very unique and different role. They are not similar to American franchisee games. Every number is of significance in the real game and field. For example, “Number 9” denotes a player who engaged in out-and-out goal scoring. He is meant to play right behind anyone with “Number 10”. Goalkeepers in football have a unique number on their jersey, and that is “1”. Moving on, players with number 1 have players with number 2 towards their right. Flair players who handle the wings have number 7 on their jersey. In most games, the jersey numbers are followed strictly. These numbers denote the style and exact position of the players.

The Future

On the other hand, removing jersey numbers can reduce the confidence of young footballers. By retaining the jersey number, youngsters are more likely to fight hard and play towards it. After all, the number belongs to someone who was great and worshiped. The jersey should represent talent and motivate the next generation. This is why most football followers don’t want jersey No 10 to retire after Messi.

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