Nutrition Facts: Diet Right For Your Personality Type

Nutrition Facts: Diet Right For Your Personality Type

– What is the ideal diet for the modern man? This question has become one of the hottest and most debated topics. Shedding some new and scientific light is the new book by author Oscar Mendez, ‘Nutrition Facts: Diet Right For Your Personality Type’. As suggested by the title, there is no one ‘ideal’ diet that can be prescribed, but one based on the eater’s personality.

Among all the nutrition facts, the one least discussed is what diet is right for a given personality type. According to health and dieting research, it is the personality type that determines the overall health. There are sixteen personality types, and ‘Nutrition Facts’ offers a detailed analysis of some of the major ones, along with plenty of information on their eating patterns and dietary advice.

‘Nutrition Facts’ uncovers some interesting eating based personalities that are known but never explored before. The later night eaters are introvert, quiet, loner or reserved. The impulsive eaters tend to be spontaneous, adaptable and flexible. The normal eaters, the most popular personality type, are extrovert, average, adaptable and flexible.  The extreme dieters are well known, and they are usually introvert, skeptic and thinkers. Finally, there are the controlled grazers, who are perceivers and outspoken, and the traveling eaters, who come out as adventurous and fun loving.

These personality types cover almost every eating pattern, and ‘Nutrition Facts’ goes on to delve deep into their eating patterns, diet plans, facts, tips and suggestions and what they ought to do and what not. The book ends with discussions on food that improve metabolism and the views and opinions of industry experts on personality based dieting. Among other things, readers can also find useful information on dieting vital statistics and the difference between healthy eating and dieting.

Personality types have hitherto been known to influence various aspects such as career, relationships and social life. Diet too is one core aspect that complements one’s personality. Yet, dieting remains a secondary topic on discussions of personality types. ‘Nutrition Facts’ by Oscar Mendez will prove to be a useful and essential addition to anyone who wishes not be to weighed down by one’s body and uncover the best diet plan for oneself. The book is now available on Amazon and as a Kindle edition.


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Nutrition: Your Weight Loss Diet Plan and the Secret Recipes

Nutrition: Your Weight Loss Diet Plan and the Secret Recipes
You may not know it, but people all over the world are discovering that weight loss is not as difficult as they may have once thought. People are beginning to learn some of the secrets contained within this book and the recipes for success. I thought that I would detail the secrets in one place so that people of all ages can pick up the book and read when they feel that the pounds are creeping back on. Click here for more

sports nutritionWhat is nutrition?

Nutrition is the process of providing or obtaining food necessary for health and growth.  Is the intake of food and using it for growth metabolism and repair. Nutrition as a study is the science that interprets the interaction of food nutrients and other substances in food with a maintenance of growth, good health, reproduction and fighting or prevention of diseases. It explains how various food component react in our body and how these nutrients impact on our body and metabolism.
Nutrition is important since eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and wellbeing. Food, in general, provides the body with energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly. We need a variety of food to provide the right amount nutrients for the body to operate accordingly and enhance good health.
Good nutrition is vital for good health; it involves taking a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity. On the other hand, Poor nutrition leads to poor immunity, susceptibility to disease, impaired physical and mental development and reduced productivity. Poor nutrition exposes one to different diseases like obesity, heart attack, high blood pressure, kwashiorkor, rickets, etc.


There are various categories of nutrients that are necessary for good health. They include:
• Carbohydrates- this is the primary source of energy popularly known as energy giving food. This nutrient is from starch e.g. corn/maize, potatoes, etc. Excessive consumption of carbohydrate is not good for someone on a diet or if you are aiming to have a healthy life. The secret to consumption of starch is, eat proportionately; you can measure the quantity of carb with your fist so that you don’t consume too much of it or have a rule “no carbs after3 pm” so that after 3 pm one can eat vegetables, proteins or fruits.
• Fats- this is a source of energy and is important in relations to fat soluble vitamins. Fat is an essential nutrient too, but it is best to consume fat that is easily digestible. For instance, it is proper for one to cook with cholesterol- free fat like olive oil or any cholesterol- free fat/oil that won’t give your body hard time to digest.
• Fiber (roughage) – these are the tough, indigestible portion of our diet that are essential to our health and digestive system. Fiber include sweet potatoes, cassava, yams, arrowroot, oats, etc. Including fiber in our meals especially breakfast is the healthy way to go, but this should be eaten in portions.
• Minerals- These are chemical elements occurring in the body and are critical for normal body functioning.
• Proteins- These are known as bodybuilding food and are vital for growth and repair of muscles and body tissues. Protein can either be plant protein and animal protein. Where plant protein includes beans, green grams, lentils, peas, cow peas, etc. Animal proteins include pork, beef, mutton, chicken, etc. Excessive consumption of animal proteins is harmful to one’s health. It is better to consume more of plant proteins.
• Vitamins- these are important in many chemical processes in the body. Vitamins can either be vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F and K. they include fruits and vegetables. One can consume as many vegetables and fruits as they please. One can prepare a smoothie with fresh fruits and vegetables and incorporate it into their diet. Vitamins help in digestion maintain a proper metabolism.
• Water- we all know water is life and is crucial for normal body functioning. It is the vehicle that carries other nutrients. One should at least consume 2litre of water a day.


Despite taking a balanced diet and maintaining good nutritional value, it is important to do physical exercise. Physical exercises or workouts helps reduce weight and rejuvenate or revitalize one’s metabolism, mental state as well as the emotional state. Proper exercise plan contributes to maintain bodyweight and maintaining good health.

Individual Football Training: Drills to improve your skills

Individual Football Training: Drills to improve your skills

Do you want to practice the best drills to improve your soccer skills? Your success as a European league player depends on a number factors. They include your teamwork, decision making and strategy skills. That’s in addition to your ability to kick a ball. However, you need to do individual football training to master these qualities. These skills enable you to retain possession. This post gives you 5 drills to improve your skills.


  • When practicing individual football training, the first thing you need to perfect is your passing. The reason is that passing enables your team to retain possession in tight angles. The best way to practice passing drills by yourself is by placing a soccer ball, or cone about 10 yards away from you’re standing.
  • The cone or ball will simulate a teammate standing the same distance from you. Keep in mind that you want to ensure the ball reaches your teammate’s foot. Make sure you perfect it in such a way that it reaches the exact point where the cone or ball is.
  • If you fail, it means that you have passed the ball to your opponents. You should also practice it by moving the ball with both of your feet, just as in real matches. Increase the distance by 5 more yards if you hit the initial target. Practice until you can achieve a pass 40 yards away.
  • You should also practice this tactic in the air. That will ensure you can make perfect passes both on the field and the air.


  • Another soccer drill to practice in your backyard is juggling. The reason is that you need to enjoy juggling with ease. Juggling enables you to control the ball in tight angles. You should also try different ways of juggling.
  • They include backspin, side spin, without spin and topspin. Juggling ensures you make perfect passes in a football game. That’s because when playing in a football match, you may need to bend the ball around your opponent’s legs to complete passes.
  • You may also need to make a backspin to keep the ball in play. You should also try catching the ball using both of your feet and onto of your foot and juggles again. Juggling skills ensure that you enjoy trapping.


  • Trapping is one of the drills to improve your skills that you should you practice. It enables you to catch the ball out of the air. Practice it by kicking the ball into the air. Make a quick sprint, which also lets you keep fit.
  • You should then use your laces on top of your foot to settle the ball to the ground. Ensure you control it well, avoiding it bouncing off the ground. This drill lets you keep the ball close and play it to your teammates.
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  • Another football method to practice in your backyard is dribbling. Dribbling allows you to play while thinking ahead or your next move. To perfect it, try pushing the ball to spaces where your opponent can’t access it.
  • You need to keep your eyes up while calculating where to make your next move. The best way is by practicing with a dog if you are alone. Dogs can act as your defender. Don’t make powerful shots that may hurt it. That’s because all you need to do is to make passes past your dog.

Kicking Your Soccer Ball against Walls

  • Kicking your soccer ball against walls should be another drill to practice. For instance, you can use your garage wall. Make sure it’s of materials such as concrete or bricks. That avoids instances of damage. Don’t try this drill near windows. That also prevents breakages.
  • Start by kicking it using the instep of your foot. Remember to alternate your feet. Make sure you stand at least 2 feet away from the wall.
  • The next step is to strike the ball with both of your feet using your feet against the wall. That’s by allowing one bound only before striking. This tactic enables you to score goals out of rebounds.

Final Thoughts

The above drills to improve your skills should make it easier for you to enjoy individual football training. Remember the aim of this exercises is to increase your decision making speed, teamwork and also strategies when in tight spots.

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Injuries & Suspensions 16.02.2017

Injuries & Suspensions 16.02.2017

Europa League



Gent : Kubo, Matton, Rabiu, Bjedov, Tekie                                                                                                                                                          Tottenham : Rose, Vertonghen, Lamela

Rostov-Sparta Praga

Rostov : Dzhanaev, Lazutkin,                                                                                                                                                                                 Sparta Praga : Rosicky, Kadlec, Frydek, Zahustel,

Legia- Ajax

Legia : Lucasz Broz, Thibault Moulin, Artur Jedrzejczyk, Jakub Rzezniczack                                                                                                  Ajax : Mattihjs  de Ligt, Pelle Clement,

Celta Vigo- Sakhtar Donetsk

Celta : No absences                                                                                                                                                                                                Sakhtar : Facundo Ferreyra, Taras Stepanenko,

Borrusia Mochengladbach-Fiorentina

Borrusia : Thorgan Hazzard, Nico Elvedi, Jonas Hofman, Raffaell de Araujo, Mamadou Doucoure, Ibrahima Traore, Marvin Schultz,                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fiorentina : Frederico Chiesa, Dragowsky


Alkmaar : Gino Coutinho, Ron Vlaar, Mathiias Johansson,                                                                                                                               Lyon : Jeremy Morel, Rafael de Silva, Mathieu Valbuena, Memphis Depay

Athletic Bilbao-Apoel

Bilbao : Kepa Arrizabalaga, Sabin Merino,                                                                                                                                                          Apoel : Andrea Orlandi,

Manchester Unided-Saint Etienne

Unided : Wayne Rooney, Michael Carrick, Phil Jones,                                                                                                                                       Saint Etienne: Cheikh M’Bengue, Arnaud Nordin, Oussama Tannane, Alexander Soderlund


Vilarreal : Roberto Soldado                                                                                                                                                                                   Roma : Alexandro Florenzi, Clement Grenier


Anderlecht : Najar, Mbonddji, Appiah, Trebel,                                                                                                                                                    Zenit : Kerzhakov

Getting the Right Soccer Equipment for Training

Getting the Right Soccer Equipment for TrainingSoccer equipment

People might be interested in what they’re going to need to purchase prior to the first day of soccer practice. One of the great things about soccer and one of the reasons why it has become such a global phenomenon is that it really does not require too much equipment in order to play. However, there are still plenty of choices out there when it comes to soccer equipment Atlanta or soccer equipment Amazon, and all of these pieces of equipment can really make all the difference.

Soccer Equipment List

Most soccer coaches are going to offer a soccer equipment list that people can consult as they are going about shopping for soccer equipment for training. One way or another, soccer equipment near me is easy to find. People can take shortcuts and order everything that they need on Amazon. However, whether people live in Boston, Baltimore, Buffalo NY, Boise Idaho, Brisbane, Burnaby, Columbus Ohio, Canada, Calgary, Denver, Dallas, Dublin, Delaware, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Etobicoke, Tulsa, or Phoenix, they should be able to get the soccer equipment that they need.

Soccer Shoes

When it comes to athletic gear, it is hard for people to be able to beat shoes. Having the right set of shoes can really make all the difference in the world when it comes to anyone’s athletic performance. There should be plenty of sales on soccer shoes on Amazon and through many other suppliers. Coaches are usually going to make it clear what their requirements are for the soccer shoes that people will need to purchase.

Soccer shoes are designed to help players with balance. They are going to be running around outdoors, and it is important for them to have enough balance that they’re going to be able to use their energy correctly and that they’re going to be able to reach their top speeds. Soccer shoes are going to make all of these processes easier. Understanding soccer shoe requirements can make all the difference, and it can really allow a lot of people to improve their performance on the field. Some people might be able to get these shoes on clearance or as donations if money is tight.

Soccer Uniforms

Soccer coaches are usually going to have their own requirements for soccer uniforms. People are typically going to order their soccer uniforms after joining a particular team, and this is going to have an effect on what they do in order to prepare for joining the team. This is particularly true for youth soccer leagues. However, there might be situations where people will have to order their own uniforms from various suppliers, and they should know that there are services that are going to offer these kinds of clothes for sale.

Athletic Bags

A soccer equipment bag can make a huge difference. People are usually going to need to bring their athletic shoes and their athletic gear with them.                                                                                                                                                                                 Even people who are just bringing a water bottle and some shoes are going to need soccer equipment bags in many cases.

Top 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment

Top 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment

If you are trying to get in shape or maintain your fitness level then investing in home workout equipment will be very beneficial. You have to make the initial investment but you will find that you are going to workout more regularly if you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. You eventually will be in better shape and save money on those gym memberships.

        1. Stretch Band

          Stretch bands are great for just about every fitness level and offer resistance rather than weight. You get a great workout without struggling with bulky weights. Don’t have to worry about dropping them or finding a place to store it. You can put them in the closet, drawer, or under the bed.

  • . Resistance Dumbells

    Popular items like the shake weight use both the free weight method as well as a touch of resistance in order to help you achieve your fitness goals. They are rather new on the market but people that have used them have gotten great results in a short period of time.

    3. Free Weights

    You can’t go wrong with these classics. If you like traditional workouts then having a set of free weights in your home will help you stay in shape and avoid having to go buy a gym membership. You are going to be far more likely to work out at home.

    4.Stair Climber

    Stair climbers have been around for decades but that is because they work. They allow you to get your cardio workout as well as tone and build your legs and butt.

    5. Treadmill

    The treadmill is a stable piece of equipment that just about anyone is capable of using. Any fitness level can use this device including the senior age group. You can set it to a walking pace for a leisurely simulated stroll or you can run as fast as you can.

    6. Elliptical

    The elliptical has been one of the most popular pieces of workout equipment for the last few years. It gives great results without a lot of impact on your joints. This machine gives you cardio and toning all in one.

    7. Rowing Machine

    A rowing machine in a great piece of equipment to get your cardio workout with. You will be able to easily get your heart rate up and get a resistance workout.

    8.Thigh Machine

    Thigh resistance equipment is great for targeting those stubborn inner thigh areas. You simply sit and squeeze the device between your knees and you will begin to feel it working. This one is so easy to use that you could watch television while you get your thighs in shape. You can purchase these at most major retailers such as Walmart.

    9. Multi Exercise Machine

    Multi Exercise MachineIf you want to be able to do a wide variety of workouts but want to only have to worry about one machine, then some of these are really compact and versatile which make them a great choice. They can become pricey but usually, run in the $500 range. You can target most areas of the body including the stomach and arms.

    10.Pull Up Bar

    This classic piece of equipment is great for the person that wants to increase their upper body strength. You can work out most of the major muscle groups in your back, chest, and arms doing pull ups. Most simple fit in your doorway and can be set up and removed easily. You can even bring this bar with you if you travel frequently.

    These pieces of equipment are the best way to get in shape from the comfort of your home. You can choose to get something small to target a specific area or you can go for the all in one home gym if you want to get in great shape without having to spend money on a gym membership. If you are shopping for fitness equipment then you should check these out.

    Top 10 Best Home Exercise Equipment

The best home gym equipment for every budget and every exercise

The best home gym equipment for every budget and every exercise

Home Fitness on Any Budget

Outfitting a home gym or small area for home fitness does not have to be costly. Depending on what you are focused on, you can purchase just a few items that are reasonable. Many times you can find fitness equipment used, as people purchase it and then stop using it.

Here are a few smaller, reasonable fitness equipment items that are perfect for a home fitness regime, that won’t break the bank.

  • Punching bag

Great for cardio, does take a bit of space.

    • Rowing machine

This does require a decent amount of room, but can be purchased used for much less than new.

  • Air bikeair bike

Ride year round biking is a win-win! Great all body work out no matter where you live.

    • Elliptical machineElliptical machine

A must for anyone that has the space!

  • TreadmillTreadmill

These can create a great well-rounded workout.

  • Adjustable dumbbellsAdjustable dumbbells

Perfect for any level of workout!

  • Medicine ballsMedicine balls

There are many pre-recorded workouts with medicine balls and they do not take up a lot of space.

  • Exercise mat

    Exercise mat

Multi-use for many home workouts.

  • Pull-up bar

Does not take any floor space, can purchase types that install into a doorway. Can be used for many different muscle groups.

  • Jump ropeJump rope

Great cardio, no storage space needed.

  • Ab-rollerAb-roller

Another space saver that offers a full body work out.

  • Resistance bandsResistance bands

Great space saver, that can be used in a limitless number of workouts and muscle groups.


Cardio without equipment

Skipping is a fantastic cardio workout,the up-and-down motion tightens the muscles around the organs, strengthening your core. Try developing a cardio circuit of skipping, jumping jacks, and aerobic steppers to keep your heart rate up.


You also can simply set up an area with a mat and TV or laptop to do cardio, yoga, flexibility training or any number of online workout videos. The range of options in online videos or fitness websites is limitless. Many YouTube videos have excellent workouts that are free to watch, if you have YouTube Red you can even download and watch them offline on any device.

Simple equipment that takes no space

Space is always an issue when searching for fitness equipment in Phoenix. There are great options that take up little to no space in your home.


  1. Fitness tracker– these are great little gadgets that you wear like a watch, they track your steps, movement, stairs, sleep, etc. Some track heart rate and blood pressure as well. You can optionally enter your foods to track calories and water consumption, there are many options and different brands and models to choose from. If you sign up for the Achievement app, you can even earn points for using your tracker, these points can earn you prizes, gift cards, etc.Fitness tracker
  2. Step-stool– just about every household has one of these. If it is a sturdy, 4-legged design you can use this as a step work out.It is a great idea to set up a home exercise area or room.  You can find great equipment on any budget and for any amount of space. If you are buying larger items it is worthwhile to check out local used items before spending a large sum of money on new.

How has football gear changed over the years?

How has football gear changed over the years?

19th century

Back in the 19th century when the first official football matches were played, football players didn’t think much about football gear. They just needed a pair of shoes and a ball. Of course, this situation today is changes and modern football players and enthusiasts can choose between many different football equipment accessories and football equipment apparel options. Football requires more than shoes and a ball – it includes shin guards, football referee equipment, football training equipment, football equipment bags and much more. Now let’s see how has football gear changed over the years.

Football Gear

To start with, we will focus on the basics – the football ball. In the ancient times, people have played football with many different types of balls. It was in the 19th century when football balls got their modern definition. However, football equipment back then included balls made of rubber. It was Charles Goodyear who made the first vulcanized football ball made of rubber in 1855. (1) This ball gradually replaced the balls made of pig’s bladder. Today, people can choose between many different types of football balls. They can play with softer, harder, smaller or bigger balls. There is also a standard that is accepted by FIFA.

Football gear

16th century

In the 16th century, people in England invented specially designed shoes for kicking and lifting balls. They were improved in the 19th centuries when the first steel-toed work boots were invented. Football equipment advancement has followed the technological advancement of the 20th and 21st century and modern football players use leather cleats. Beginner and intermediate footballers can use cleats based on synthetic materials too.

While we are talking about football equipment we should mention the shin guards. This safety equipment became popular in the late 19th century. (2) When choosing shin guard, people should think about both safety and comfort. Only the best football equipment brands can guarantee these properties.

Some other pieces of football gear that have evolved in the last couple of decades include socks, gloves, shirts, shorts, and training equipment like football equipment bags, marker cones, flags and slalom poles. The referee and indoor football equipment are important too.

It is also good to mention that in the last decade, there are a few football equipment brands that have established themselves as leaders in this industry. Many of them were among the companies that have created the first professional pieces of football equipment. Some of the most popular brands include Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro, Diadora, Reebok, and Lotto. They are creating high-quality products made of different materials.

Thanks to the increased interest and mass production of football equipment, the prices of every item in this category are much lower and more affordable. In other words, you can expect to find top-line cheap football equipment. If you want to save even more, you should look for football equipment companies offering football equipment bundle options. These bundles include the most used pieces of equipment. Finally, buyers can save even more if they are looking for football equipment auction options, Amazon deals, wholesale deals and online store offers.

Top 5 Best Football Exercises

Top 5 Best Football ExercisesFootball exercises

Football is an exceptional kind of sport that requires all the strength, speed, aggressiveness, and endurance. The score time is too small that to achieve the best scores one needs to have a complete workout. All the football players should have an all-around athleticism despite their role in the team. However, some aspects may be more important to some players than they are to others.

The workouts aim at reducing the risk of injury and giving the player stability. For this reason, more emphasis should be put on the parts that are commonly injured. This may include the ankles, knee, groin and the hamstring. Besides strengthening the weak areas that are likely to be injured, the tight areas should also be mobilized with the suitable mobility drills so that the player will be more flexible. The well balanced soccer players should enroll for the workout just to have an easy time and move freely on the pitch. The following are the top 5 best football workouts that will help the players maintain the needed strength needed to outdo the defenders.

The Bulgarian Squat

The player should have one of their legs squat and the other lifted towards the back. Through the workout, most of the parts are strengthened and stabilized. This may include the hamstring and the legs. This allows for a proper balance in the whole body. The workout has different levels ranging from the simple to the harder level which may require you to lift the Olympic bars on the shoulder.

4 Way Lunge

This strengthens the glutes, ankles and the abductors. This allows for balancing and the necessary stability. The exercise has four different movements per set. The first movement touches on the forward lunge, the second movement touches on the side lunge to the right side, the third movement which involves the reverse lunge and lastly the fourth movement which caters for the side lunge to the left.

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Explosive Lift

This workout involves a lot of squatting. The workout mainly helps in stabilizing the lower body. The player is supposed to be firmly upright and have a weight bar on both hands. The exercise can be thrilling when the player steps and drives into the air before revolving back to the starting point.

The Nordic Hamstring Exercise

This is a great way to boost the posterior chain and reduce the chances of hamstring injuries. The player kneels on a well puffed ground and the knees are elevated on the shoulders. The eccentric nature of this exercise places intensive stress on the hamstring fibers and should be progressed slowly in the program this makes the hamstrings less prone to injuries.

Single Glute Bridge on Bench

This strengthens the lower part of the body and the hamstring. This requires you to lie on the floor with the right foot resting on the bench. Make a number of movements across the two benches placing the shoulders on a bench.

All the football activities should be merged with the other strengthening and stabilization exercises. Consistency is needed for the best resources.Click here for professionall help

5 Steps to Become a Professional Football Coach

5 Steps to Become a Professional Football Coach

According to some surveys, a professional football coach is a job position that many young people dream about. This professional is probably less popular only when compared to a football player. However, people must understand that being a professional football coach in a professional team is a very challenging task. It is the sole responsibility of the coach to sign and sell players while keeping the club’s budget in mind, promoting players, experimenting with their positions, working with the team and with certain players alone etc. if you think that this is something that you can deal with, then keep reading because we will reveal the 5 steps that every person should make to become a professional football coach.

  1. Playing experience

    If you are still young and you should definitely try playing for a local club first. Playing experience is not necessary, but it can be quite helpful. This is a good way to understand how teams work and what you should do to improve the harmony in the team. Many of the popular professional football coaches today were successful football players before they’ve decided to become coaches

  2. Become a coach in the local club and learnFootball Coach

    Check the ads and find out whether there is a job in some of the local clubs. Keep in mind that you don’t need a semi-pro or pro club to gain coaching experience so don’t be too picky. It’s all about getting more experience and understanding the duties and responsibilities of the coach in any team. In case you can’t find a paying job, don’t hesitate to ask whether they need volunteers at least for the youth team. Use the time spent there to learn. It would be helpful if the club has another general manager so you can learn from their experience and knowledge.

  3. Get educated

    Thanks to the Internet, you can get a coaching degree online. Of course, if you have a chance and you think that taking physical classes/courses is better, then opt for such classes. If you have a degree in coaching you will have a better chance to be hired. Obviously, you will learn more about this activity too.

  4. Get certification

    If you want to become a professional football coach you will also need a certification. Every football association has different rules and terms about issuing such certifications. Learn more about these terms and try to meet all the conditions before applying. Many football associations have different levels of certification which usually depend on the time you’ve spent as a coach. There are cases when you need to spend ten times as a coach and meet some criteria before becoming a real pro.

  5.  Keep learning and upgrading yourself

    Don’t forget that in order to stay a successful professional football coach you must follow the latest trends and news in this field. Even though the rules of football are not changing, the playing style, the tactics, and strategies are changing all the time.