When it comes to training for football, you cannot just go out on the pitch and expect to win big. One of the fatal mistakes that skilled players make is the omission of basic training and drills. After one reaches a certain point in their game, they assume that only advanced solutions are going to help them improve, but that’s not always the case. In fact, today’s modern game requires a lot of attention on the fundamentals, because even professionals forget the fundamentals when the pressure is on.

Perfect Practices Makes Perfect


Football training comes in a variety of different methods. Depending on the coach, you’ll find that practice usually requires a wide mix of solutions. Amidst the options that you may run into, you’ll need to think about the adage of, practice makes perfect. This is not correct. You could practice the wrong elements and lose big in a game. Watch professional players that lose major tournament games, and you’ll find that they make simple mistakes, often because they didn’t practice perfectly.

The adage should state, “perfect practice makes perfect”. This means that within the drills that you pursue, you should seek to master them. The minute that you take them lightly, or try to breeze through them, you will take away momentum in the game. Players that you may be going against will be training in similar drills and they may be doing them perfectly, training as though they are in the game, so you cannot slack off, even if things seem “simple”, by nature.

The Fundamentals Are Critical


As you look into football training, do not neglect the fundamentals. There are several components to the fundamentals that you cannot neglect. This includes something as simple as passing. Focus on deliberate passing, with ball control utilizing the inside of your foot, outside, and with an instep and while crossing the ball. Passing is one of the key fundamentals to the game that many professionals forget, especially under pressure, because they are seeking the glory of the goal.

Aside from the fundamentals of passing, focus on trapping the ball, and controlling it. Close control, and turning without losing focus on the ball is key. You should focus on giving support, and defending without tackling too rough. If you can give support, create space for others and yourself, you’ll find that the game will open up for you and movement of the ball down the pitch will become easier to manage.

Pursue Stamina Drills


The biggest enemy to all football players is gassing out (extreme fatigue). Even the best in the world have seen diminished performance because they are gassed on the pitch. That is why it’s imperative that you pursue stamina drills. Running is one thing, but you should focus on deep runs, diagonal runs, v-runs, crosses, and runs for crosses with sudden starts and stops. With and without the ball, you should be able to run a full 90 minutes with starts, stops and more. Within the time frame, you should not let up, or feel as though you’re winded too badly.

Stamina drills, in conjunction with fundamentals and perfect practice will give you a fighting chance to improve your football game. If you were to isolate one aspect of football drills, however, isolate stamina and running. If you can outlast other players on the pitch, your team will control the game with ease.

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