Sports Betting Strategies,making money

Sports Betting Strategiesbettings-300x300 Sports Betting Strategies,making money

Sports Betting Strategies,making money

If you have ever thought of making money while from the comfort of your home, then you must have thought of betting. Betting is as tempting as any other gambling and so you need to learn the best betting strategy. This will help you know how to make money betting. Here is a look at some of the strategies.

  1. Individual Players’ Performance

    Knowing the players in the match should be the first thing to consider before you place any bet against a match. Check whether the strongest player of the team is available and whether his/her performance is up to your expectation. If he has an injury, get to know how bad it is and whether his/her performance will be affected. When the team coach decides to make a change, also follow up to know whether the replacement is good enough to give results.

  2. Number Of Wins For Each Team

    Sports picks will help you know the number of wins for each of the teams playing the current and the previous season. You will have a good indicator of the team’s performance which can help you make a comparison. The wining rates of the opposing teams should also be considered.

  3. Don’t Bet On All Games

    As much as placing a bet on all games is tempting, you shouldn’t place bets on all games you think will work in your favor. Try this out if you wish to achieve a high win rate and be a professional bettor. You will spend all your money on high-risk bets or just collect a few coins but risking to lose hundreds of dollars.

  4. Stay Away From Arbitrage Sport Bets

    This involves placing bets with different bookmarks of opposing odds with the aim of always getting a win. They don’t come around often. You should use your time on tactics wisely than looking for arbitrage bets.

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Sport Cash System

Sports Cash Systempoza-pariuri-2-300x217 Sport Cash System


Sport Cash System

This is a world class system that is geared towards ensuring access to sports betting from anywhere and at any time. Betting has become very common and the popularity has extended much on sports. Similar to other kinds of betting, sport investment is a long term venture and can yield a lot of betting money if executed correctly. However, 90% of the sports bettors have ended up losing and those that win have not been consistent.Click here system

Why Sports Cash System

There are a couple of reasons why you should choose the sport cash system. They include;

  • Does not require bettors to have huge bankroll
  • It’s easy to follow the system even for starters
  • Its accessible, you can bet from anywhere in the world and has proven to be so for over 4 years
  • Starters are only required to have a password and an email in order to access the service 24/7
  • New members receive a video instructions on how the system works,watch here system
  • You get a free eBook by Tommy Krieg on tips of betting like a Pro
  • There is a bonus scheme for those who want to triple their profits
  • It is easy to use the system and navigate the software
  • You only need to access the member’s area and start making you guided predictions

Sports Betting Tips That Will Help You Earn

  • Be disciplined when deciding the bankroll you can fix in the sport cash system. This should only be the money you are not afraid of losing.
    • Ensure you hit a moderate winning percentage to make incredible profit
    • Use the bonuses and promotions as they will make an impact on how much money you make.
    • Stick to what you know. The more knowledgeable you are the more advantage against the book marker.
    • Take some time to research or use sports analysts
    • Compare the odds and maintain records

    • Check on the rules and regulations

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A Basic Guide to Sports Betting Strategies

A Basic Guide to Sports Betting Strategies

There are many reasons why people are betting, but what is interesting is that the number of bets placed every year both offline and online is growing. (1)

One of the beauties  is the fact that this special form  comes with a wide range of variations. This is also one of the reasons why your success rate is closely related to the betting strategies you are practicing. A bettor who says that they don’t have luck and blame bad fortune for their continuous failures is a bettor without a strategy. A successful bettor is following a specific  strategy. There are many different strategies out there and we will mention some of the most popular and most efficient ones.

Bet like a Propoza-pariuri-300x165 A Basic Guide to Sports Betting Strategies

First of all, many players are using the so-called progressive  strategy. The player needs to modify the size of the stake based on the previous bet’s status (winner or loser). Even though some people have success with this type of betting, most people agree that this is not the best betting strategy in case you are looking for big amounts of money. In case you have lost more than 3% of the time, you will lose the initial investment.If you want to learn more about professional bettings tips click here system

This is the reason why so many players stick to straight betting. (2) So, you are just choosing a bet and in case it’s not a winner, you simply go to the next bet. A smart and experienced bettor will rely on this strategy and avoid chasing losers. They have a plan (to bet with the same amount) and stick to it.poza-pariuri-3-300x169 A Basic Guide to Sports Betting Strategies


Of course, these are just some of  strategies that are mostly related to the way you bet. But, the betting strategies focused on the games selection and handicapping are even more important. When it comes to handicapping  strategies, experience players are focusing on the current situation. In other words, they are not attracted to the name of the club or some other irrelevant statistics. They are just measuring the situation and using their criteria to place a bet.

Money management

The success of any  strategy depends on the proper management of money. That’s why there are so many bettors who say that everyone can make many from betting but only with proper money management and good strategy. Sports strategy is all about the style of betting you are practicing not the teams you select.  There are a huge number of professional bettors who are making millions from this activity and they are definitely not just lucky people – they know what they are doing and they are disciplined.For more professional help Go here   



Betting : Trivale Strategy

Trivale Strategy

soccer-ball-1633053-300x199 Betting : Trivale Strategy



Betting : “Trivale Strategy” It is a strategy that implies a higher share and a small stake, which is also the name of the strategy. It is usually preferred by punters neighborhood who do not want to invest a large sum but want to catch a ticket incredible.
What you need for this strategy?

• bank at least 14 units (MDL)
• an agency that provides 10-15% chance bet

This strategy works very simply, you put seven tickets of 2 euros six games, odds over 1.30 and under 1.60 that will be found on each ticket in hand and five doubles, which runs along the seven variants you can choose it.
Doubles can be for example 1 and X equal with 1 or 2, we develop the seven tickets like that:
• 1 x 1 x 1
• x 1 x 1 x
• 1 1 1 1 x
• X X X 1 1
• x 1 x x 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • x 1 1 1 1
• 11 X 1 1


The six games must be earned then you have a 22% chance to catch all five doubles and 78% to catch 4 of the 5 double.
If you got a ticket with five doubles and six games caught gains can be thousands of dollars or if you caught four double earnings may be between 30 and 300 euros depending on the opportunity offered by the betting agency.
To remember:
The strategy is more profitable if you play at an agency that provides bet chance. You can choose whatever you want double: the exact number of goals, correct score on sets tennis, anything.

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Betting , Fibonacci Strategy

Betting,Fibonacci Strategy


Fibonacci Strategy It is a strategy that consists in using Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55) applied at odds over 3.00 tennis matches live.

How its work ?Fibonnacci-300x300 Betting , Fibonacci Strategy

We  focus on a tennis match. Any player who serves has a certain quota to win that game to a certain score.
Ex: The player serving to win the game at 30 (W-30) @ 4.5 or (W-15) @ 4
We enter the game after the first five games and were checking previous results of each game.
If the game until June there has been a result of eg (W-30) and start playing as any of those players that serve to win the game at 30. Adjust Fibonacci sequence after our share and we continue to play that score ( W-30) until the bet will be won, then stop.

To remember:

Play correct score game only player to serve and play both. Girls not only play (40-40) only after the four games. The share is somewhere around 3.00. Make your own tables to share.
The strategy requires a pretty hefty bankroll that will ensure the loss of a long line of games and even a whole match.

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Betting , Favorites Strategy

Betting , Favorites Strategy

Favorites Strategy,This system was designed especially for punters … lazy, for those who have never chef to beat too much head instead have some funds to bet.

We mention that, for the exemplifying system shown in the following, I decided to choose football because the sport is “king” best bet in World. For starters, let’s take a look at the statistics of one of the last seasons.Favorites-300x300 Betting , Favorites Strategy

Studying Premier League and Primera Division notice some very interesting things. In each of the above championships, each team plays 38 games. Watching teams, we see that each has a number of victories, number of draws and a number of defeats. But if we leaned carefully over teams like City or Barcelona, we see that they have won and still win many series cite two (or more) consecutive matches. In Europe, there are other great teams that do the same thing in their championships. So this is the observation base from which we started reasoning in this system: Every time a top team win two consecutive games in a series, earn money!


In this system, entitled Strategy favorites technique is the discovery of strong favorite teams like City or Barcelona in football and use a simple formula for calculating the stakes for each of their match in hand. This given that as many teams have chosen series of at least two consecutive wins. You can choose how you want to win in sports betting depending on your budget, and you can play alongside many teams wish, depending, obviously, how will you pocket all …

The best way to find out how this system works is to follow the steps that we will complete them with some examples.


Step 1

The first step is selecting a strong favorite. When looking for a strong favorite, make sure that the average rates for that team is over a season around 1.50.

Step 2

The next step is to determine the amount that they want a win every time from that team. For example:  10,  20, 50,  100 euro etc. We call this amount PROFIT. This amount should not exceed 1% of the total budget bets.

Step 3

Now you need to calculate the stake should a place to earn the amount you want to win and PROFIT. For this you must use the following formula: Stake = Profit / (ods – 1)

Suppose the profit that you want to share is 10 euro and City is 1.50. The calculation looks like this: Stake = 10 / (1.50 – 1) = 20 euro

Step 4

Place your bet at the sportsbook that you desire and will accept a single match ticket.

Step 5

Step 5 is certainly the most important, because the entire system is key. But before going further, the best would be to note the following parameters:

C / P = gain or loss, profit, gain Stake C / P STAKE Profit Gain If you win your first bet table will look like this: C / P C Profit Gain STAKE 10:20 10 You won your first bet. Your profit is 10 euro.

Here, however, the table will look like if you lose your first bet: C / P P gain profit STAKE 10:20 -20

Suppose you lost the bet. The profit that you want to remove it is 10 euro. There is nothing, because the most important part of this system only now follows. The most important rules of strategy favorites are:

1. When your balance (GAIN) is positive, switch series and take it over again with a new series.
2. If you lose the bet, the next bet is always equal to the profit (or how did you plan to win) plus the amount lost by that time divided by two, dividing the resulting amount is at minus 1 ods.

3. But if you win the bet, the next bet is always equal to the profit (or how did you plan to win) plus the amount lost by that time divided by minus 1 ods.

4. If you have won two consecutive games in a series, you automatically have income that you have proposed. Stop the series and take it over again with a new series. What we do after a win and also what we do after a loss? I think the best would be to use all examples. C / P Earnings Profit STAKE P 10 20 -20 We turn therefore to the example above assume that you lost 20 euros on your first bet placed on City. I said the next stake is equal to income (10 euros), plus the amount lost until that time (20 euros) divided by two, dividing the resulting amount is to odds minus 1. So the next match City, whose suppose share for ease of calculation that is still 1.50, calculate a new stake which under the circumstances is 10 (profit) + 20 (the amount lost until this moment) divided by 2 = 15. the resulting amount (15) a share from 0.50 (share – 1) and gives us 30. it follows that the next bet that we put in this second match of City is 30 euro.

If this time wins this game, our table will look like this: C / P P gain profit STAKE 10:20 10:30 -5 -20 C Now that you have won the second bet, how much will be bet at third City’s match? Suppose this time remains all share 1.50. Next stake after I won a match I said that is equal to profit plus the amount lost by that time divided by the share minus 1. It follows that, in calculating the stake in the third match of Chelsea, the calculation is as follows: 10 (income) + 5 (the amount lost until this point) = 15 divided by minus 1 share, ie 30 = 0.50 euros. We count all 30 euros and assume that beat City. Our table will look like this: C / P P gain profit STAKE 10:20 10:30 -5 -20 C to +10 C 10:30 Automatic you the profit that you have set it at first, namely 10 euros. Stop the series and take it over again with a new one.

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Betting – Easy Money Strategy

Betting – Easy Money Strategy 

Easy Money Strategy is one of the most frequented by gamblers and this strategy because the idea of the game is simple, but also because it can start with a small amount, it and anyone can afford.

DetailsEasy-money-Strategy-300x300 Betting - Easy Money Strategy

Easy money odds means that we play small (less than 1.10 for example) and every time we take the entire sum game that we reached. All that remains is to establish ourselves at the beginning of steps or a target amount at which we want to go and then try to not lose any bet, because any losing bet means exit from the race and losing the entire amount.

Let’s take an example:

If we have 20 $:

Step 1: 20 x $ 1.05 = $ 21
2: $ 21 x 1.08 = $ 22.68
3: $ 22.68 x 1.09 = $ 24.72 …………… ..
n: X Amount Amount x 1.04 = Y

Determined to stop at Y amount and we will cash out. Obviously, it is possible we get out of the first and we had to try several times, but, as mentioned above, the benefit of the strategy is that it can start with a small amount and does not need a bankroll sophisticated .

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Betting Sport Arbitrage Strategy

Betting  Arbitrage Strategy 

Arbitrage Strategy

It is one of the most known and used strategies that help us make money from sports betting, many gamblers choose to do Arbitrage over other betting strategies or methods.

What does it mean Arbitrage?

The best we illustrate this with an example. We take tennis match between Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych in which a bookmaker odds are 2.05 to 1.85, and the sports betting odds are 1.85 to 2.05. If we bet on the first bookmaker 1 and 2 in the second bookmaker, we get profit regardless of the outcome. Obviously, in this case, we put the same stake, but if the two odds would have been different, we would have had to adjust our stake so as to have the same profit whatever the outcome. And for this, it would have to use a calculator stakes that can be found through a simple Google search.

Obviously, Sports Arbitrage is valid for all sports and almost all types of bets, many such “sure-bets” as they call them can be found at parties ice hockey or football, where we have 3 results for example (1 , X, or 2). This method has advantages and disadvantages. Profit is guaranteed, we do not need any documentation to that sporting event and normally should not have problems in making profits with Arbitrage.Arbitrage-300x300 Betting Sport Arbitrage Strategy

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks. The strategy requires a bankroll seriously enough to feel that profit, you need an electronic wallet for money more easily able to walk between houses, in addition to this some punters betting limit or refuse bets and so problems can occur. For an overview of bookmakers and find such sure-bets you can visit the website listed odds portal where are many bookmakers worldwide.

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Sports Betting – Martingale Strategy,make money online

Sports Betting –  Martingale Strategy

Martingale StrategyMartignale-Strategy-300x300 Sports Betting -  Martingale Strategy,make money online

Introduced in France in the mid-eighteenth century, Martingale betting strategy is one of the most popular among bettors and casino players.

The strategy consists of the following aspect: after every losing bet, we will double the stake, following so getting a small profit. The strategy applies to odds greater than 2.00. Obviously it is a strategy that we need a serious bank back, because it is very natural and very likely to have a longer series of losing bets.

 Let’s take an example:

Suppose we have a bank of $ 10,000 and perform first bet of 50 euros per share 2.00. The bet is lost. The next bet will be 100 euros per share from 2.00, also lost his bet. We go to level 3 where the bet is 200 euros per share from 2.00 and this time the bet is a winner. So we invested in totally 50 + 100 + 200 and returned to us was 400 euros, which means that we got a drive profit,  50 euros. Obviously if and 3rd bet would have been lost, we would have continued on with doubling the stakes. The strategy is debatable and controversial, many believe it is not worth the risk of potentially large sums for a single unit. On the other hand, others prefer it over other more complex strategies.

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sports-betting-martingale-strategy Sports Betting -  Martingale Strategy,make money online

Sports betting Strategy using 1-3-2-6 System

Sports betting Strategy using 1-3-2-6 System,

Sports betting Strategy

If you bet only a match ticket online, 1-3-2-6 betting system can help in the long run, because once you lose all bank and are likely to finish the addition. It’s more a money-betting management, to self, because you have to play by ear without a well-tuned system. You must wager share minimum 2 and it would be better to choose games with only 2 different results, such as: tennis, volleyball, baseball, etc. or Asian Handicap football, where it eliminates equal or below and above goals, like over 2.5 goals over 3.5 goals, etc.Bettings-strategy-300x300 Sports betting Strategy using 1-3-2-6 System

At first bet stake will be 1, second will be  3, third one stake will be 2 and last one stake will be 6. stake will be chosen according to your budget and be allocated betting £ 10, 100 Euros or any other amount. For example, at first bet stake will be 100 euros, the second bet 300 euros, 200 euros in the third and final 600 euros. If you lose any of these four steps, a start over from step 1, ie stake 1. If the step is winning, advanced to the next step.

Take the example with 2.00 odds standard rate: In case you lose the first bet is a loss of 1 unit, which is not much. If the bet is lost at number two, is a loss of 2 units because the bet 1 unit made a profit. Number 3 bet not recorded any loss, on the contrary you will have a profit of 2 units because the first 2 bets was recorded 4 units profit. If your bet loses 4 shall not record any losses because it previously earned gross bets exactly. Money-management is a term that helps you maintain at least afloat sports betting, there are considerable chances to make profit.

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