Betting – Easy Money Strategy

Betting – Easy Money Strategy 

Easy Money Strategy is one of the most frequented by gamblers and this strategy because the idea of the game is simple, but also because it can start with a small amount, it and anyone can afford.

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Easy money odds means that we play small (less than 1.10 for example) and every time we take the entire sum game that we reached. All that remains is to establish ourselves at the beginning of steps or a target amount at which we want to go and then try to not lose any bet, because any losing bet means exit from the race and losing the entire amount.

Let’s take an example:

If we have 20 $:

Step 1: 20 x $ 1.05 = $ 21
2: $ 21 x 1.08 = $ 22.68
3: $ 22.68 x 1.09 = $ 24.72 …………… ..
n: X Amount Amount x 1.04 = Y

Determined to stop at Y amount and we will cash out. Obviously, it is possible we get out of the first and we had to try several times, but, as mentioned above, the benefit of the strategy is that it can start with a small amount and does not need a bankroll sophisticated .

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