Who is Better Neuer or De Gea?

When it comes to football, one of the toughest questions to be answered would be – who is the best goalkeeper? This is because there are so many subjective answers on who masters the field and does a better job. A lot of football players ponder on the following question – who is better Neuer or De Gea? Well, the answer to this question depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the players. It is quite evident that both these players have outstanding qualities. They have strong potential and the right age. However, one is certainly better than the other.

All About Manual Neuer

Most football followers agree to the fact that Manual Neuer is better than all other goalkeepers. He is known for his world-class style and killer moves. Neuer knows how to dominate the flow of air and move smoothly. He has excellent communication skills on the field! Yes, you read it right. Neuer is capable of communicating with his defenders the right way. He adapts to the situation and dominates opponents with killer moves. This is why Manual Neuer is deemed as invincible. Additionally, he is good in throwing (kicking) the ball. As an aggressive sweeper keeper, he can give his opponents a tough time. Neuer is one of the very rare goalkeepers to be nominated for the Ballon d’Or award.

All About David De Gea

The talk about best goalkeepers will remain incomplete without David De Gea. Though De Gea had a very shaky and bad started at United, he has mastered his strengths and overridden his weaknesses. Today, he is ranked amongst the top goalkeepers in the world. David’s distribution skills are as sharp as Neuer’s. His defense is strong and he has amazing command over his box. De Gea has not dropped a single ball during the Premier Games. This is a record very few goalkeepers hold. When compared against Neuer, De Gea is not eccentric. However, his games are solid and a treat to the eye. On the other hand, De Gea has played in very tough situations. He has always played with shaky back lines and proved his premium quality.

The Verdict

Indeed, Neuer is the world’s best goalkeeper. His age, agility, and physical features are too good. Nevertheless, David De Gea is a wonderful shot stopper too! His goalkeeping traits are fine in many ways.


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