Why Sadio Mane is best Liverpool’s Transfer in the later years

Why Sadio Mane is best Liverpool’s Transfer in the later years

With Liverpool having managed to qualify for a spot in UEFA champions league next season, Sadio Mane will prove to be a very pivotal player during his title challenge. Mane is still a very young player but very talented. Mane is a star player for Liverpool and with such like stars having problems in making an impact in teams where players qualities are almost the same, Mane has been able to produce high quality games and which has earned him a first spot in the team. And with his very excellent skills, Mane is bound to probably become Liverpool’s best signing in the later years. Why am I saying so? Let’s look at some of the reasons which distinguish Mane from other Liverpool’s signings.

He has good pace: the front line of Liverpool has many good attributes such as Vision, Ingenuity, and Guile. Unfortunately, this front line does not have much variation. Roberto Firmino, Adam Lallana, and Phillipe Coutinho- the three are Klopp’s first choice that was leading the strike group before Mane came in- all the three create chances and press well, but what they lack is the pace to go behind the opponents defenses.

Most of their play takes place in front of the defenses of the opponents instead of the behind of defense. Though Danny Ings and Daniel Sturridge have the speed to stretch through the defenses, there is little they give.

Sadio Mane has the pace, and much of it. This guy is very quick, skillful and penetrative; he can pass the ball perfectly well in both the central to the out wide, and also from the out wide to the central positions. And he would probably offer Liverpool another attacking dimension based on counter attack, and will also offer them something different from what they give while on the pitch. Liverpool doesn’t have many players who have a great pace that can help get behind their opponents at great speed.

Good end product: very few midfielders have managed to score many goals compared to Mane when he was at Southampton and finally at Anfield. During his last season at Southampton, he scored a total of 11 goals and which is more than that of the four Liverpool midfielders managed during that season. Also, during that season, he was only beaten in the number of assists (six) he provided by James Milner alone. Take the examples of Firmino and Lallana who had six assists each, while Coutinho managed only five assists that season.

To cut the story short, Mane scores goals and creates a lot of chances and thus he would prove a big signing for the coming years. Lallana is always criticized for not doing much for his team-not scoring a lot of goals. But when Mane arrived, it added a lot of threat to the attack.

Mane is very Versatile: before Mane signed for Liverpool, he had greatly been linked to Bayern as an option to Gotze, but confusion reigned in since these two players don’t play in a similar position or even their style of play doesn’t match.

But this not true, though. Mane is usually taken as a very quick, direct winger; but he can line up anywhere and he is very comfortable playing as the no.10. While still at Southampton, he mostly featured in the central position more than in the out wide position, and had 18 out of his 30 starts playing in the middle field.

And with this kind of flexibility and Mane’s adeptness to play in different position, will be an added advantage for Liverpool long-term plans.

Adaptability: Mane is relatively young at around 25 years, and he has shown signs of improving further. He first played in the Austrian league and came to the premier league as a relatively unknown player, but he has established himself as one of the finest players in the premier league. His game has been refined and he will surely be one of the best transfers for Liverpool for the later years.

And arguably, Mane is one of the best wingers in football world right now and he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down any soon. He is incredibly skillful, pacey, strong, and has good delivery. Though time he produces very inconsistent results, he will be a great asset to Klopp’s future plans having established himself as one of the best players in the world.

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