The best home gym equipment for every budget

The best home gym equipment for every budget

home gym equipment

Outfitting a home gym or small area for home fitness does not have to be costly. Depending on what you are focused on, you can purchase just a few items that are reasonable. Many times you can find fitness equipment used, as people purchase it and then stop using it.

Here are a few smaller, reasonable fitness equipment items that are perfect for a home fitness regime, that won’t break the bank.

Great for cardio, does take a bit of space.

Rowing machine

This does require a decent amount of room, but can be purchased used for much less than new.

Air bike

  • air bike

Ride year round biking is a win-win! Great all body work out no matter where you live.

    • Elliptical machineElliptical machine

A must for anyone that has the space!

  • TreadmillTreadmill

These can create a great well-rounded workout.

  • Adjustable dumbbellsAdjustable dumbbells

Perfect for any level of workout!

  • Medicine ballsMedicine balls

There are many pre-recorded workouts with medicine balls and they do not take up a lot of space.

  • Exercise mat

    home gym equipment Exercise mat

    Exercise mat


Multi-use for many home workouts.

  • Pull-up barhome gym equipmentPull-up bar

Does not take any floor space, can purchase types that install into a doorway. Can be used for many different muscle groups.

  • Jump ropehome gym equipment Jump rope

Great cardio, no storage space needed.

  • Ab-rollerhome gym equipment

Another space saver that offers a full body work out.

  • Resistance bands

Great space saver, that can be used in a limitless number of workouts and muscle groups.


Cardio without equipment

Skipping is a fantastic cardio workout,the up-and-down motion tightens the muscles around the organs, strengthening your core. Try developing a cardio circuit of skipping, jumping jacks, and aerobic steppers to keep your heart rate up.


You also can simply set up an area with a mat and TV or laptop to do cardio, yoga, flexibility training or any number of online workout videos. The range of options in online videos or fitness websites is limitless. Many YouTube videos have excellent workouts that are free to watch, if you have YouTube Red you can even download and watch them offline on any device.

Simple equipment that takes no space

Space is always an issue when searching for fitness equipment in Phoenix. There are great options that take up little to no space in your home.


  1. Fitness tracker– these are great little gadgets that you wear like a watch, they track your steps, movement, stairs, sleep, etc. Some track heart rate and blood pressure as well. You can optionally enter your foods to track calories and water consumption, there are many options and different brands and models to choose from. If you sign up for the Achievement app, you can even earn points for using your tracker, these points can earn you prizes, gift cards, etc.home gym equipment
  2. Step-stool– just about every household has one of these. If it is a sturdy, 4-legged design you can use this as a step work out.It is a great idea to set up a home exercise area or room.  You can find great equipment on any budget and for any amount of space. If you are buying larger items it is worthwhile to check out local used items before spending a large sum of money on new.

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