ball control drills for soccer

The List of Most Common and Effective Ball Control Drills for Soccer

The List of Most Common and Effective Ball Control Drills for Soccer

Are you searching for the best ball control drills for soccer? When it comes to playing soccer, you need to know how to manipulate and control the ball. One way of controlling the ball well is through dribbling, which enables you to respond well to shots and passes. It means that when carrying out your ball control drills, you need to perfect your dribbling skills using several parts of both of your feet.

The result is that you’ll have better control of the soccer ball and have improved balance and movement to move the ball during games. This post gives you the best ball control drills for soccer, warnings and tips to ensure that you get the best results.



6 Steps for Ball Control Drills for Soccer



Step 1

Ensure That You Gently Make Contact with the Ball


Whenever you make contact with the ball, it’s referred to as a touch. By making gentle touches, you ensure that you make contact with the ball more often, which means that you’ll slow down initially. However, you’ll soon get used to making more contact with the ball, meaning that you’ll advance faster, but with better control over the ball. It means that the more you make contact with the ball, the better you become when it comes to controlling it.



Step 2

Make Sure That the Ball Is Close To Your Feet


As you pass it forth and back between your feet’s inside, make sure that your knees are bent. If you’re up against an opponent, make sure that you keep your body between the ball and the defender. It enables you to change your direction faster. Another benefit of keeping the ball near your feet is that defenders will face difficulty when trying to intercept the ball.

 ball control drills for soccer


Step 3

Use Your Foot’s Leading Edge to Carry Out Dribble Galloping


Use the same foot to gallop forward each time you step forward. It enables you to keep the ball close to the foot at entire times. As you run, keep your foot’s leading edge forward, it allows you to keep contact between your foot’s leading edge and the ball, which enables you to have the most balance and speed.

However, it doesn’t apply when making stops, direction changes, and cuts. It’s only for moving the ball downfield with as much control and speed as possible.



Step 4

Ensure You Keep the Ball on Your Peripheral Vision’s Lower Edge


Many beginners tend to use their general vision of the field on the ball as they improve their dribbling skills. However, when carrying out ball control drills for soccer, you should develop the routine of keeping the ball at your peripheral vision’s bottom as you start the learning process.

It enables you to maintain a general awareness of the whole field, which lets you see scoring positions, open teammates and holes in your opponents’ defense.



Step 5

Change Your Pace


Make sure that you change your pace since proceeding predictably is one easy way that a defender can hang you. The best way to change your dribbling pace is by carrying out ball control drills for soccer. That way, it enables you to change pace regularly and faster, allowing you to throw defenders off your track.



Step 6

Protect the Ball Using Your Body


As the defender gets close to you, ensure you shield the ball using your body, for example, your shoulders, legs and arms. Remember to go between the ball and the defender. Another tip is to keep the ball away from the defender using the foot that is far from them.


Warnings When Carrying Out Ball Control Drills for Soccer


Ensure that you have first aid kits available in the field where you’re practicing and playing as well as somebody who knows how to administer it.


You should have a well-prepared plan to contact medical personnel in the case of injuries. It will enable them to treat fractures, dislocations and concussions and other serious injuries.


On hot, sunny days, ensure that you stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. That’s during games and after.


Remove any jewelry and piercings before starting the soccer drills.


If you collide with an opposing player or disagree with them, don’t retaliate or take it personally. Let the game’s referees handle the situation. You should also never start a fight with another player.


Ball Control Drills for Soccer Tips


Coming into soccer drills in good shape ensures that you become a better soccer player and prevents injuries during soccer drills. It means that you should start eating the right diet and do workouts before you begin the season. Another tip is to ensure that you exercise well and eat right all year round, which guarantees that you stay right all moments.


When playing or practicing, ensure that you remove obstacles, for example, broken glass and debris and fill up any holes in the field. You should also store any extra equipment or balls to the field’s sides before you start your game.


Stretch and warm up before you start soccer drills. For example, run around the field or carry out jumping jacks to enable you to warm up your muscles before you stretch.


Inspect the playing ground goals at each end to ensure they are safe. The goals should be anchored securely to the ground and should be well padded to minimize injury risks to the players and goalkeepers who may collide with the posts.


If you’re playing on a wet field, use nonabsorbent and synthetic balls. The reason is that leather soccer balls many become waterlogged, and heavy, which increases the risks of injury.


Keep soccer drills fun, since it’s the reason that made you to start playing it. Follow the safety soccer drill precautions to be aware of what’s going on around you, which will enable you to avoid injuries. The result is that you’ll keep enjoying your soccer, just as you want.



Things You’ll Need


  • Soccer cones


  • Poles or hurdles


  • Pop-up soccer balls


  • Training bibs or pennies


  • Medicine balls





Carrying out the best ball control drills for soccer tips should be easier using the above informative post. Make sure that you keep yourself physically fit and eat the right diet for the best outcome.

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