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Soccer Tactics and Analysis: Why young players can learn so much by watching Ilkay Gundogan

Soccer Tactics and Analysis: Why young players can learn so much by watching Ilkay Gundogan For any young players wanting to learn, develop their skills and enhance their overall footballing acumen, just watching and analysing their heroes of the professional game can provide them with so much food for thought. Obviously arming them with the […]

New Football Training Book

Almost any football training program book that you read is mostly going to focus on physical fitness. I already know about all that, so it’s really helpful to find a book that’s actually about specific soccer drills. This is a book that actually offers a soccer training program that couldn’t just as easily apply to […]

Lionel Messi a Combination of number 8 (a Creator), a 9 (Scorer), and a 10 (Assistant)

LIONEL MESSI A COMBINATION OF NUMBER 8 (A CREATOR), A 9 (SCORER), AND A 10 (ASSISTANT) He has been compared to the legendary Pele. But Lionel Messi is one terrific footballer ever to grace modern football. It is thought Christiano Ronaldo attracts his envy sometimes although he appears to be cool every time his rival […]

How Much Can Speed Specific Training Drills for Football Add to Your InGame Speed?

How Much Can Speed Specific Training Drills for Football Add to Your InGame Speed? The word football raises a resonance around the world and causes an instant adrenaline rush. What is it that causes that rush? Is it speed? Or is it the way football is played? Do you see football players running faster than […]

Qualities needed to play football

Qualities needed to play football Football today is a changing of technically, tactically and physically. To meet the requirements of modern football today, each player depending on the position that evolves must have luggage as high quality. Goalkeeper In the current football, goalkeeper tasks have become more complex. It is recommended that the goalkeeper has a great […]

The specifics and objectives:training at the age of 9 – 12 years

It is the period where you have to focus on developing coordination and specific technical skills football game. In the second part of this period must learn and tactical aspects of the individual.   Characteristics of children between 9-12 years.   – the best time to develop coordination skills; – At this age they begin to understand […]

Discover 3 types of Individual football training programs

Individual football training programs Most types of training in football are those who work the front (although the group simultaneously) or by dividing the group into 2-3 or more subgroups working in the same training session after a program and different activities. There are also training lessons (or parts thereof) that are working with each […]

Smart swiss ball exercises

Smart swiss ball exercises  The Swiss ball is an inflated ball called an exercise ball as well. Swiss balls exist in different sizes. They are effective exercises where you can especially do good core-stability exercises. You can do stomach exercises on a mat, squats where your abdominal muscles are also working. Due to the unstable character of a Swiss ball, you also train the finer abdominal […]

Guaranteed:Six pack Abs In Six Weeks!!

Acknowledgement  Life was much simpler before with fewer aspirations and lesser competitions. Modernization and Advancement has both, positive and negative aspects. Science had made quality of life better and easier, but at the same time development has made people more self aware and conscious. In today’s world everyone is out in a rat race. There […]