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How to Kick a Football Ball

How to Kick a Ball How do you kick the ball in a football game? Whether it is easy or hard depends on many factors. The first factor has something to do with your hand positioning. Are you left-handed or right-handed? Either way can be easy but your positioning in the pitch will be limited […]

U8 Soccer Drills

U8 Soccer Drills While U8 soccer drills should be fun, and engage young players through interesting activities, this is the time to move toward the technical aspects of the game as well, so that they start learning essential technical skills. These drills will help increase their positional and dribbling skills and help create an awareness […]

High Cost Of American Soccer Coaching

5 Reasons Explaining the High Cost Of American Soccer Coaching American Soccer Coaching Are you searching for an informative post explaining the high cost of American soccer coaching? Soccer coaching involves a lot of skills that need the coach to have extensive knowledge. For instance, the coach needs to know how to run football drills […]