One on One Soccer Drills

One on one soccer drills is very useful for budding soccer players. You can even use these drills to coach your children at home and have fun at the same time. One on one soccer drills helps increase the ball kicking ability of the players, as well as improve their focus and defending skills. Here are some drills you can try out as a one on one soccer drill.

1) One Bounce Game


If you are looking for some excitement, this is a great choice. The game has some great rules and can help you keep yourself engaged for hours on end.

For this, you just need a soccer ball.

Throw the ball to the player such that it bounces only once before it reaches him.

The player kicks it back before a second bounce straight to your arms.

Alternate between the right leg and left leg to kick the ball back, and as the coach you can change directions and throw the ball faster.

Two players can also play this, taking turns to throw the ball or kick the ball back.

This will help players shoot the ball into the target area, and will increase their kicking strength, as well as increase their focus.

2) Evading trackers


The rules are a bit complex here but they sure are worth it.

For this, you can group players in pairs. Arrange a finishing point or a goal.

Each group gets one ball.

Start the game from the side opposite to that of the finish line.

The idea is to dribble the ball, changing directions and foot all the while without giving your ball away to the other person in your group. Continue this all the way to the finish line.

The one who gets the ball through the finish line is the winner.

Players can take turns starting with the ball while the other defends.

This drill will not only improve their dribbling skills but also help them sharpen their on-field decision making skills, as they find out ways to maneuver the ball and dodge their opponents.


3) Getting to the Goal First soccer-drills-2-242x300 One on One Soccer Drills

This is a great drill to involve all the players together and have a one versus one drill at the same time.

In this drill, divide the players into two equal teams. Each team will have a goal on each opposite side.

Now assign a number to each player on each team.

Now when you call out a number, the player with those numbers will run out to the field, and try to kick the ball into the opponents’ goal first.

You can call out numbers one after another in quick succession or multiple numbers at the same time.

However, players will only concentrate on the opponents with their numbers. The team to score the most goals wins.

This is a great game to promote teamwork and at the same time develop individual skills. It can be a great practice game for players of all ages, and they can all have fun while learning how to control a ball and make quick decisions to evade their opponent.

4) Getting to the ball and the goal first

This is a one versus one drill between two players and then a one versus one drill between one player and the goalkeeper.

In this, place a ball a few yards from the goal. Create an area by placing two cones at the corners of that area. The area should be a few yards from the goal, but closing than where the ball is kept.

At the sound of the whistle, the two players run forward, trying to reach the ball first. The one who reaches the ball first becomes the attacker while the other player is the defender. Each tries to take the ball away from the other and be the first person to go through the area bordered by the cones.

The first player to go through gets a shot at the goal. If he scores a goal, he gets a point.

This simulates the real soccer playing field, where a player has to reach the ball, defend it and get to the goal. This will help players in focusing on reaching the goal while keeping the ball away from the defender. It will also improve their dribbling skills and decision making skills.

This one on one drills teaches players many skills in engaging and fun ways.

Coach Passing in 2v2 .Soccer Games

                Coach Passing in 2v2 .Soccer Games

Coach Passing in 2v2 .Soccer Games

Coaching soccer can be a challenging thing to do at times. There are a number of passes that the players have to learn. While a person may be good at handling the ball it is important to learn how to pass and work as a team. There are some tips to coach passing in a 2v2 soccer game.Coach-Passing-in-2v2-.Soccer-Games-300x200 Coach Passing in 2v2 .Soccer Games

Two on two soccer is designed to pair two players against each other. A person has to learn how to control the ball. They need to get the other players involved and have contact with the ball as well. This competitive side game can allow players to test their skills again each other and show that they are able to have control of the ball.

There are quick drill attacks that can be used to help a person set up the game and the player will need to learn to be quick on her feet. This is great for learning how to both attack and defend the ball. This is a very fast pace drill but it will help a player learn how to be quick and how to get control.

To practice this drill the coach should set up a grid that is around 25 X40 yards. This is large for a 2V2 but this will create a more realistic expectation for the player. It will teach them how to attack the ball when they are on the real field. They will learn how to use the field to their advantage. A small goal is then placed on each of the goal lines. Each of the players are split into two groups. Each of the groups should have an equal amount of players for this drill. If the team is not there and the coach wants to work with players on an individual basis only two players can be used for this drill. The more players that are on team the more challenging it will be. The players or player will be in two teams and they will go against each other for this practice drill. Each of the teams will be given a goal that they have to defend. They have to keep the other team from scoring in the goal. Two players for each team will step out onto the field to face each other first.

To perform this drill the field is divided into a grid with smaller goals. If the player is going against the other player and they get scored on they are out of the drill. Two new team players will then go on the field and it will be their turn to defend the goal. As the player score goals the team has to be able to transition from player to player very quickly. The faster they are able to do this the better they are. The player that scores the goal gets to stay on the field. If the ball goes out of bounds the ball will restart from the end line. Only after a goal has been scored players will switch off of the field. The first team that scores 20 goals wins. If there are two players facing off against each other the player that scores 20 goals first will win. This drill will teach the players to be fast and it will help them focus on scoring.

There can be some variations of the 2V2 drill based on the number of players there are and what skills the coach wants to work on with the players. The playing field grid can be modified so that it can be 3V3 or 4V4. To start off with the skill building it is best to do a 2V2 drill.

There are many reasons why a coach would want to perform this drill with his players. The coach is working on some important skills in the game. One of these skills is the quick transition between scoring goals. A player has to be able to switch out and they need to be prepared to jump right back in the action. The players will be practice quick attacks so they can learn how to properly defend the ball. They need to try to get the other player to become off balance. They are practicing defense and offense at the same time. The player has to be able to defend the ball while they try to get the ball from the other player so that they can score. The players will also be learning timing. It is important to use correct timing in this game. This is something that most players have to practice on the field. It is hard to teach timing and this is something that players have to be able to get a feel for. This is something that they will get to practice and get a feel for. A player will also learn how to increase their speed on the game. This is something that is very important. The player has to be able to be quicker than other players while still remaining in control of the ball. They need to move and score goals as quick as accurate. Not only is it important to be quick it is important to remain in control of the ball as well.

This drill is great for players of any age. It can be used to teach the younger players how to have control of the ball and how to move fast. It can help experienced players stay in shape and in control.

The 2V2 is a great drill for coaches to practice with their team. They will be able to work on several skills at one time. A player will learn how to be in control of the ball as well as defend the ball. They will work on speed, the ability to score goals, and how to move and transition quickly. This will allow a player to improve their skills so when the time for the game comes they will be able to move fast and score accurate goals.

7 Important Things To Do On Match Day

Soccer coaches are usually held highly regarded in a game by his players when it comes to the most important things that should be done on a match day. Even if the players’ results in the normal training appear to be splendid, soccer coaches are not easily fooled by them. One of the soccer coaches’ main challenge faced is working with the young players who are developing to take the new learning outcome that is identified in coaching and training sessions to the current match day. Match day preparations can easily be linked to the club philosophy or the overall team.

Every player should participate at least 50% of the time scheduled in the game so it is important to remember very crucial things that should be done on a match day. Matchdays are usually different from the regular training done. Match days usually involve more of charged emotions. The minor mistakes involved in a match day is higher that the regular mistakes are done on a normal training session. But all in all, it is important for soccer coaches to educate his players on the important things they should do on a match day. The most important things soccer coach should do to his players on a match day are:

7 Important Things To Do On Match Day

1.Ensuring players do warm up session- this should cost each player roughly 45 minutes before the game should begin. It helps ease the mind of the player and help them to stretch their muscles for easy movement during the gameplay.

2.Pre- match talks- the soccer coach should call in his players together to have a gameplay discussion and revise the gameplay of each player. This is important as each player will have a mindset of his or her position or role in the game. Planning and pre- match talks motivate the player.

3.Small sided game- soccer coaches should set up 15 minutes at most sided game for players as it may help the players to get great mental warm up before the game. It will also help them to be able to put in mind the practices they have been putting in the training sessions that they have been doing. The soccer coach can have inputted something to key players on task but will try not to change the main game to a coaching session.7-Important-ThingsTo-Do-On-Match-Day-200x300 7 Important Things To Do On Match Day

4.Positioning players- soccer coaches should know each players strengths and weakness. He or she should position each player according to his or her position and encourage them to play at their best before the game begins.

5.Keeping things in perspective- the soccer coaches should ensure that the players keep the things in perspective and put in mind that they are winners no matter the outcome of the game. This motivates players to play better and have a well set goal.

6.Pray before the match begins- soccer coaches should ensure they put the game in prayers before they begin. It is very important to thank God for everything he has given to you.

7.Socialize with the opponent teams- coaches will ensure that players of the different teams bond in a friendly way to avoid buffs in the game.

In conclusion, soccer coaches play important roles when it comes to match preparation for players. He or she will ensure the players know the important things that should be done on match day.

if you want to find more about how to become a soccer coach click here.

10 Crazy And Quick Ideas To Improve Your Soccer Game

10 Crazy And Quick Ideas To Improve Your Soccer Game

Improve Your Soccer Game

Do you want to improve your soccer skills? One way of improving your game is through carrying out individual drills, for example, juggling and trapping, passing or hitting targets. That’s in addition to your practices with your team. However, you need to look for ideas that are fun or crazy and quick to ensure that you enjoy your soccer training. The reason is that you will be training alone, for instance, in your backyard.

Fun ideas are helpful to young players. They enable them to keep their minds stimulated and motivated while at the same time preventing repetition. Bear mind that to improve your game, you need to ensure that you enjoy your training. This post offers you 10 crazy and quick ideas to improve your skills.

  • Be Alert When Training

One of the best soccer drills involves you being alert as you train individually. The reason is that while out in the field, you will be facing competitors who are out to take the ball from you.

Avoid thinking about past mistakes or the future. Soccer involves responding quickly to tackles and shots. It means you need to ensure that you stay in the present while training, which you should also do in the field.

  • Improve Your Game Regularly10-Crazy-And-Quick-Ideas-To-Improve-Your-Soccer-Game-120x300 10 Crazy And Quick Ideas To Improve Your Soccer Game

Another soccer coaching tactic is to make sure you consistently develop your game. The best way is by avoiding thinking too much about winning games. You may end up trying to win using any means, which brings down your game. Make sure you develop a desire to improve your skills by carrying out extra training after team training sessions.

  • What’s Your Idea of Your Best Game?

Another self-soccer coaching drill is to imagine your ideal game. The reason is that this method enables you to increase your self-confidence and belief. One way is by thinking about your dream game in the lead up to a match.

  • Confidence Is Key

One piece of advice when it comes to playing soccer is that you should avoid just training and play hard. The reason is that you need to have confidence while on the field, for example, when it comes to passing and running after the ball. It ensures that your competitors get to know that you understand the game while your teammates will give you the ball more.

  • Know How to Juggle

To improve your game, you need to know how to manipulate the ball. The reason is that you need to be comfortable doing it on the pitch with your opponents, just as you do while in your backyard. Practice how to manipulate the game in different ways, for example, juggle it without spin, with backspin, side-spin and also topspin. Controlling the ball well enables you to manipulate it well when making passes in a match.

  • Think Ahead When Dribbling

Think ahead when dribbling. The reason is that you need to push the ball to where the defender can’t get it, while you can. Make sure you keep your eyes up and in front of you. That’s compared to staring down the ball, which makes you lose possession.

  • Don’t Just Love the Ball

When playing or training to improve your game, you should ensure you run after the ball and retain it when on the field. It means even without the ball on your feet; you should still match the runs made by the opposing team and your teammates.

Make sure your movements and pace are consistently equal when having the ball and when not. It enables you to get involved in the soccer play, which boosts your confidence.

  • How Do You Pass?

Make sure you perfect your passes when carrying out soccer drills. The reason is that you need them to accurate; otherwise, you will end up giving the ball to your opponents. Ensure you practice passing with both feet, which guarantees you get to control it from tight angles.

  • Take Risks

Taking risks while playing is among one of the best soccer drills. That’s because it ensures you don’t get demoralized once you go a goal down. Ensure you always have that winning mentality by playing without fear.

Always pass the ball to your teammates with strong body language. Keep in mind that when playing soccer, you want to have fun as well as win.

  • Best Games Matter

When it comes to football psychology, memory happens to be an important tool. For instance, you have your best games still in your mind. The best way is by spending at least 7 minutes remembering these games on a daily basis. That enables you to stay motivated by trying to exceed these game performances when playing in the present.

Final Thoughts

The above informative post on 10 Crazy and Quick Ideas to Improve Your Soccer Game should make it easier for you to improve your game. Remember to practice individually and always think present when playing on the field. That ensures you respond fast to passes from your teammates and avoids instances of you losing the ball to your opponents.


Football Coach: How to improve your midfield skills

Football Coach: How to improve your midfield skills

Coaching the midfielder requires you to ensure that each of your midfield players understands well his roles and responsibilities. If you coach well and organize your players, then the midfield should be able to give good support to your defence and also take the ball up the pitch. The midfield should also be able to combine well with the forwards to create and score many goals. They need to have a clear vision of when, where and the skills of executing the ball. Below are some of the drills that a football coach can use to improve his midfield skills.


Soccer drill of giving your midfielders an edge-this involves getting your midfielders to go quickly on one-two soccer drill with their winger counter parts. This will enable them to run away quickly leaving some few defenders of the opponent team behind.


The soccer drill of getting your midfielders to defend then attacking instantly-a team will be better if it has a strong midfield that is winning the ball off the attackers and then counter-attacking instantly.


The small sided game of getting the midfield link the defence with attack-the small sided game enables you to link your defenders with your attackers, and then the defence will clear the ball into the midfield where it will be quickly passed to your attackers to fire into the goal.


Prepare you midfielders to always play on even when one man is down-this soccer training drill will make them cope in such situations when the team is short off one player.


The zig zag drill for the midfielders- your players need to be strong runners. Always set aside close to 10 minutes of your training session to get your players do this drill. Your midfielders should be able to go down and come up as quickly as possibly, as a coach you will therefore be required to give them a lot of training in speed fitness.Andres-1-300x300 Football Coach: How to improve your midfield skills


Using the midfield pressure tactics-coach your midfield on the way of using the pressure tactics so as to confuse the opposing team.


You should also train your midfielders on how to communicate well on the pitch-This will increase their coordination and create more chances of scoring. You should also train your midfielders on how to communicate with your attackers.


Creating a dynamic midfield-this is about creating a box-to-box midfield ; it involves moving from one penalty spot to the other and this creates chances of scoring goals. The dynamic kind of player can also bolster the defence.


The creative midfield-you can increase the creativity of your midfield by training them on the game of possession versus attack. The player should keep the ball or take the fastest advantage of having the possession with the clever attacks.


Changing the direction-this soccer drill training will get your players to move the ball in different directions so as to build an attack. The midfielders should also be able to react to the various angles of approach from the opposition.


Coaching your midfielders to concentrate more on the job at hand-this soccer drill is very effective as the midfield role is the most active role on the pitch and therefore the player will need to have high concentration.


Training your team to defend against the opponent midfield passing-you should device tactics of stopping the opponent midfielders from passing to their attackers “through balls”, as this is a very important part in the teams defence system. In this soccer training drill, you teach your midfielders on how some of them ought to pressure the ball while others go full in force stopping the forward pass.


Winning the ball that is in midfield- this is a tactic that you as a coach should train your midfielders on. They should be able to win the ball while it is in the midfield and then release it to the “main man” who will set up a chance for one player in the midfield to score.


The soccer training session of first touch to quickly passing the ball-it is somehow hard to find a better workout for your midfielders that can replicate the most vital first touch, quick passing and good movement in the typical match day situations. This drill is known as “touch and go”, and it ensures that your players will remain mentally and physically alert every time, and they will always ensure that they use all the available space so as to make maximum use of the ball.


This is a nice session where you will teach your players to rehearse on shooting, overloads, passing and movements. This simple drill will enable the player to get the ball and think fast on moving to give the pass.

Nutrition Facts, Diet Right for Your Personality Type

Nutrition Facts, Diet Right for Your Personality Type

Author Oscar Mendez comes out with his new book “Nutrition Facts: Diet Right for Your Personality Type Kindle Edition” to help readers.dhmar2017_402-212x300 Nutrition Facts, Diet Right for Your Personality Type


Author Oscar Mendez is known for his expertise with nutrition, skin care and wellness. He has come out with his new book “Nutrition Facts: Diet Right for Your Personality Type Kindle Edition”. The book includes information that is diet right for your personality type.

Diet Right for Your Personality Type

According to research on health and dieting, the personality type affects the overall health of people. As per scientific theories of classification, there are as many as 16 varied types of personalities. The type of personality directly reflects on the social life, relationships and career of people. Such aspects have a straightforward association to simple human interaction and personality traits. Research also shows that diet is one of the important aspects complimenting the personality of individuals.


The new book on nutrition facts by Oscar Mendez highlights the aspects of everyday life that are most important in relation to diet patterns and related personality types. According to him, professional success can be traced back to the type of personality that one has. His book includes the aspects that are underlying in influencing the personality of an individual to food.


The book by Oscar Mendez throws new light on personality types and their relation to foods, which can be enlightening for many people who have little clue to the deep association. Written in simple language and in an easy tone, the book can be a joy to read for people who wish to achieve wellness, ensure good nutrition for their body and live a healthy life.


About Oscar Mendez

Oscar Mendez is an author who has been a Medical Esthetician for the last 25 years in the state of California. He is the founder of the Upper Layers Skin Care, an organization that is focused in corrective skin care.


For information regarding his new book, visit

Nutrition Facts: Diet Right For Your Personality Type

Nutrition Facts: Diet Right For Your Personality Type

– What is the ideal diet for the modern man? This question has become one of the hottest and most debated topics. Shedding some new and scientific light is the new book by author Oscar Mendez, ‘Nutrition Facts: Diet Right For Your Personality Type’. As suggested by the title, there is no one ‘ideal’ diet that can be prescribed, but one based on the eater’s personality.

Among all the nutrition facts, the one least discussed is what diet is right for a given personality type. According to health and dieting research, it is the personality type that determines the overall health. There are sixteen personality types, and ‘Nutrition Facts’ offers a detailed analysis of some of the major ones, along with plenty of information on their eating patterns and dietary advice.

‘Nutrition Facts’ uncovers some interesting eating based personalities that are known but never explored before. The later night eaters are introvert, quiet, loner or reserved. The impulsive eaters tend to be spontaneous, adaptable and flexible. The normal eaters, the most popular personality type, are extrovert, average, adaptable and flexible.  The extreme dieters are well known, and they are usually introvert, skeptic and thinkers. Finally, there are the controlled grazers, who are perceivers and outspoken, and the traveling eaters, who come out as adventurous and fun loving.

These personality types cover almost every eating pattern, and ‘Nutrition Facts’ goes on to delve deep into their eating patterns, diet plans, facts, tips and suggestions and what they ought to do and what not. The book ends with discussions on food that improve metabolism and the views and opinions of industry experts on personality based dieting. Among other things, readers can also find useful information on dieting vital statistics and the difference between healthy eating and dieting.

Personality types have hitherto been known to influence various aspects such as career, relationships and social life. Diet too is one core aspect that complements one’s personality. Yet, dieting remains a secondary topic on discussions of personality types. ‘Nutrition Facts’ by Oscar Mendez will prove to be a useful and essential addition to anyone who wishes not be to weighed down by one’s body and uncover the best diet plan for oneself. The book is now available on Amazon and as a Kindle edition.capri08_Nutrition_Facts-188x300 Nutrition Facts: Diet Right For Your Personality Type


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Nutrition: Your Weight Loss Diet Plan and the Secret Recipes

Nutrition: Your Weight Loss Diet Plan and the Secret Recipes
You may not know it, but people all over the world are discovering that weight loss is not as difficult as they may have once thought. People are beginning to learn some of the secrets contained within this book and the recipes for success. I thought that I would detail the secrets in one place so that people of all ages can pick up the book and read when they feel that the pounds are creeping back on. Click here for more

What is nutrition?book_cover2-212x300 Nutrition: Your Weight Loss Diet Plan and the Secret Recipes

Nutrition is the process of providing or obtaining food necessary for health and growth.  Is the intake of food and using it for growth metabolism and repair. Nutrition as a study is the science that interprets the interaction of food nutrients and other substances in food with a maintenance of growth, good health, reproduction and fighting or prevention of diseases. It explains how various food component react in our body and how these nutrients impact on our body and metabolism.
Nutrition is important since eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and wellbeing. Food, in general, provides the body with energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly. We need a variety of food to provide the right amount nutrients for the body to operate accordingly and enhance good health.
Good nutrition is vital for good health; it involves taking a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity. On the other hand, Poor nutrition leads to poor immunity, susceptibility to disease, impaired physical and mental development and reduced productivity. Poor nutrition exposes one to different diseases like obesity, heart attack, high blood pressure, kwashiorkor, rickets, etc.


There are various categories of nutrients that are necessary for good health. They include:
• Carbohydrates- this is the primary source of energy popularly known as energy giving food. This nutrient is from starch e.g. corn/maize, potatoes, etc. Excessive consumption of carbohydrate is not good for someone on a diet or if you are aiming to have a healthy life. The secret to consumption of starch is, eat proportionately; you can measure the quantity of carb with your fist so that you don’t consume too much of it or have a rule “no carbs after3 pm” so that after 3 pm one can eat vegetables, proteins or fruits.
• Fats- this is a source of energy and is important in relations to fat soluble vitamins. Fat is an essential nutrient too, but it is best to consume fat that is easily digestible. For instance, it is proper for one to cook with cholesterol- free fat like olive oil or any cholesterol- free fat/oil that won’t give your body hard time to digest.
• Fiber (roughage) – these are the tough, indigestible portion of our diet that are essential to our health and digestive system. Fiber include sweet potatoes, cassava, yams, arrowroot, oats, etc. Including fiber in our meals especially breakfast is the healthy way to go, but this should be eaten in portions.
• Minerals- These are chemical elements occurring in the body and are critical for normal body functioning.
• Proteins- These are known as bodybuilding food and are vital for growth and repair of muscles and body tissues. Protein can either be plant protein and animal protein. Where plant protein includes beans, green grams, lentils, peas, cow peas, etc. Animal proteins include pork, beef, mutton, chicken, etc. Excessive consumption of animal proteins is harmful to one’s health. It is better to consume more of plant proteins.
• Vitamins- these are important in many chemical processes in the body. Vitamins can either be vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F and K. they include fruits and vegetables. One can consume as many vegetables and fruits as they please. One can prepare a smoothie with fresh fruits and vegetables and incorporate it into their diet. Vitamins help in digestion maintain a proper metabolism.
• Water- we all know water is life and is crucial for normal body functioning. It is the vehicle that carries other nutrients. One should at least consume 2litre of water a day.


Despite taking a balanced diet and maintaining good nutritional value, it is important to do physical exercise. Physical exercises or workouts helps reduce weight and rejuvenate or revitalize one’s metabolism, mental state as well as the emotional state. Proper exercise plan contributes to maintain bodyweight and maintaining good health.

Individual Football Training: Drills to improve your skills

Individual Football Training: Drills to improve your skills

Individual Football Training

Do you want to practice the best drills to improve your soccer skills? Your success as a European league player depends on a number factors. They include your teamwork, decision making and strategy skills. That’s in addition to your ability to kick a ball. However, you need to do individual football training to master these qualities. These skills enable you to retain possession. This post gives you 5 drills to improve your skills.child-drills-to-improve-your-game-300x241 Individual Football Training: Drills to improve your skills


  • When practicing individual football training, the first thing you need to perfect is your passing. The reason is that passing enables your team to retain possession in tight angles. The best way to practice passing drills by yourself is by placing a soccer ball, or cone about 10 yards away from you’re standing.
  • The cone or ball will simulate a teammate standing the same distance from you. Keep in mind that you want to ensure the ball reaches your teammate’s foot. Make sure you perfect it in such a way that it reaches the exact point where the cone or ball is.
  • If you fail, it means that you have passed the ball to your opponents. You should also practice it by moving the ball with both of your feet, just as in real matches. Increase the distance by 5 more yards if you hit the initial target. Practice until you can achieve a pass 40 yards away.
  • You should also practice this tactic in the air. That will ensure you can make perfect passes both on the field and the air.


  • Another soccer drill to practice in your backyard is juggling. The reason is that you need to enjoy juggling with ease. Juggling enables you to control the ball in tight angles. You should also try different ways of juggling.
  • They include backspin, side spin, without spin and topspin. Juggling ensures you make perfect passes in a football game. That’s because when playing in a football match, you may need to bend the ball around your opponent’s legs to complete passes.
  • You may also need to make a backspin to keep the ball in play. You should also try catching the ball using both of your feet and onto of your foot and juggles again. Juggling skills ensure that you enjoy trapping.


  • Trapping is one of the drills to improve your skills that you should you practice. It enables you to catch the ball out of the air. Practice it by kicking the ball into the air. Make a quick sprint, which also lets you keep fit.
  • You should then use your laces on top of your foot to settle the ball to the ground. Ensure you control it well, avoiding it bouncing off the ground. This drill lets you keep the ball close and play it to your teammates.
  • For more help click here


  • Another football method to practice in your backyard is dribbling. Dribbling allows you to play while thinking ahead or your next move. To perfect it, try pushing the ball to spaces where your opponent can’t access it.
  • You need to keep your eyes up while calculating where to make your next move. The best way is by practicing with a dog if you are alone. Dogs can act as your defender. Don’t make powerful shots that may hurt it. That’s because all you need to do is to make passes past your dog.

Kicking Your Soccer Ball against Walls

  • Kicking your soccer ball against walls should be another drill to practice. For instance, you can use your garage wall. Make sure it’s of materials such as concrete or bricks. That avoids instances of damage. Don’t try this drill near windows. That also prevents breakages.
  • Start by kicking it using the instep of your foot. Remember to alternate your feet. Make sure you stand at least 2 feet away from the wall.
  • The next step is to strike the ball with both of your feet using your feet against the wall. That’s by allowing one bound only before striking. This tactic enables you to score goals out of rebounds.

Final Thoughts

The above drills to improve your skills should make it easier for you to enjoy individual football training. Remember the aim of this exercises is to increase your decision making speed, teamwork and also strategies when in tight spots.

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Injuries & Suspensions 16.02.2017

Injuries & Suspensions 16.02.2017

Europa League

Add-subheading-1-212x300 Injuries & Suspensions 16.02.2017



Gent : Kubo, Matton, Rabiu, Bjedov, Tekie                                                                                                                                                          Tottenham : Rose, Vertonghen, Lamela

Rostov-Sparta Praga

Rostov : Dzhanaev, Lazutkin,                                                                                                                                                                                 Sparta Praga : Rosicky, Kadlec, Frydek, Zahustel,

Legia- Ajax

Legia : Lucasz Broz, Thibault Moulin, Artur Jedrzejczyk, Jakub Rzezniczack                                                                                                  Ajax : Mattihjs  de Ligt, Pelle Clement,

Celta Vigo- Sakhtar Donetsk

Celta : No absences                                                                                                                                                                                                Sakhtar : Facundo Ferreyra, Taras Stepanenko,

Borrusia Mochengladbach-Fiorentina

Borrusia : Thorgan Hazzard, Nico Elvedi, Jonas Hofman, Raffaell de Araujo, Mamadou Doucoure, Ibrahima Traore, Marvin Schultz,                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fiorentina : Frederico Chiesa, Dragowsky


Alkmaar : Gino Coutinho, Ron Vlaar, Mathiias Johansson,                                                                                                                               Lyon : Jeremy Morel, Rafael de Silva, Mathieu Valbuena, Memphis Depay

Athletic Bilbao-Apoel

Bilbao : Kepa Arrizabalaga, Sabin Merino,                                                                                                                                                          Apoel : Andrea Orlandi,

Manchester Unided-Saint Etienne

Unided : Wayne Rooney, Michael Carrick, Phil Jones,                                                                                                                                       Saint Etienne: Cheikh M’Bengue, Arnaud Nordin, Oussama Tannane, Alexander Soderlund


Vilarreal : Roberto Soldado                                                                                                                                                                                   Roma : Alexandro Florenzi, Clement Grenier


Anderlecht : Najar, Mbonddji, Appiah, Trebel,                                                                                                                                                    Zenit : Kerzhakov